Final Fantasy XVI presents the basics of its gameplay in video

Final Fantasy XVI presents the basics of its gameplay in video

On the occasion of a new State of Play, the next chapter of the Final Fantasy universe has expanded its universe. 25 minutes dedicated to the gameplay of Final Fantasy XVI, with battles of Primordials, fights on a human scale or even a visit to Clive's lair. An intense program, where the world of Valisthéa is highlighted.

This great epic will be in the guise of Clive, who can be joined by companions over the course of his adventure. These can be found in the Lair, the hero's base, which offers him many other advantages. It is a place of rest allowing you to create equipment, to practice, to find additional activities or to sort your inventory with merchants. Other characters also await Clive there, whether a historian or a military strategist.

At the heart of the action

The license affirms its will to want to turn to the action-RPG by developing the possibilities. The fights will thus be more dynamic, but will not lose their epic dimension. Clive in particular will have the possibility of bonding with each Primordial encountered to take advantage of their power. His skills will then reflect these threatening beings, making the hero much more dangerous for his opponents.

Obviously, much more titanic fights will be held in the lands of Valisthea. And speaking of Titan, he and other Primordials like Ifrit, Ramuh, Phoenix or even Garuda will be able to compete. These disproportionate fights will be carried out by the player, in choreographies worked to render the power of these threats. Whether it's these clashes or Clive's, Final Fantasy XVI gameplay seems to have a lot to offer players.

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