Final Fantasy XVI, a new opus for more action

Final Fantasy XVI, a new opus for more action

Unveiled during the PlayStation Showcase in September, this new title in the saga seems to be moving away from its original style. The announcement of Final Fantasy XVI made it possible to see what this next generation has in store for us. Without a release date at the moment, the game is scheduled to arrive on PS5 and PC.

Release date: unknown


  • PC
  • PS5

Final Fantasy XVI, an action game

A turn-based RPG, then an ATB, this next title seems to be a pure action game. In any case, this is what was shown in the trailer for his announcement, where there was no stopping the fight. However, these are simple images to discover the game. Its development is not yet complete, and it is possible that during the presentation of its gameplay this element will be changed. Gods, monsters and disproportionate enemies are however indeed there in this presentation.

Final Fantasy XVI, info, trailer and release date

FF XVI does not yet have a release date, and this is a PS5 exclusive. However, it is also expected to arrive on PC, at least 6 months later. We'll have to wait a while to learn about this and about the gameplay.

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