Final Fantasy XVI, a new magnificent trailer

Final Fantasy XVI, a new magnificent trailer

Sony and Square Enix have lifted the lid on the new Final Fantasy XVI, revealing a trailer and a release date. The new installment of the franchise was presented at the very end of State of Play on June 2, 2022. FF XVI will be available for summer 2023 on PlayStation 5.

The incredible Final Fantasy XVI trailer

The “Dominance” trailer for Final Fantasy XVI.

As often with Square Enix and the FF franchise, the trailer is magnificent. However, no really interesting information was presented during this video except for a few small details.

Thus, we will note a much more medieval atmosphere than before. If the previous opuses were rather turned on a steampunk world, this one has a particularly successful gothic/renaissance visual. In addition, the gameplay seems a little more nervous, although we could not really enjoy complete sequences of gameplay in combat.

A release date for FF XVI

For the moment, Final Fantasy XVI has a release date scheduled for the summer of 2023. Thus, this date could correspond to a period extending from June to mid-September. However, we must remain cautious on this point, since the majority of headlines have been postponed since the start of the pandemic.

As usual with the Final Fantasy franchise, FF 16 will be released as a (potentially temporary) PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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