FIFA 22 card reviews, DCE FUT players

FIFA 22 card reviews, DCE FUT players

Check out our detailed opinion on the special player cards from DCE on the FUT mode of FIFA 22. The idea is to give you details about the card and thus, help you make a decision to do or not to do a challenge. team creation around a player. Here we will list as many special cards as possible, with as complete an opinion as possible. Obviously, only current DCEs will be present. If a player is missing, usually this indicates that the map is clearly too weak to feature (or that we are still working on a review), feel free to ask us questions in the comments if there is a map missing that you would like complete.

Update : Updated from Monday August 8 at 19:00 p.m. Added Pelé Moments, Ronaldinho Moments, Lacroix FUTTIES.

Important : do not hesitate to comment following this guide if you have specific questions or need an opinion regarding your training or your style of play. As usual, we will take the time to answer you in order to help you in your team choices and evolutions.

FIFA 22 Active DCE Player Card Reviews

Here we give you our opinion on player cards from active DCEs in the FUT mode of FIFA 22. Note that you must always take into account that a DCE leads to a loss of cards and therefore, credits indirectly. When the fodders are very expensive, the calculation should not be "I spent 0 credits so the card is free" but rather, to have invested credits on one DCE rather than another.

Pele Moments

The Pelé Moments card.

An incredible MOC or BU, Pelé Moments is an extremely comprehensive map. Its main strength lies in its handling: whether you are a skiller, a stick player or someone who shoots straight, Pelé will be effective. Although it lacks a tiny bit of physicality for our taste, the Brazilian is much more versatile and easy to use than an R9 Moments for example. A really good card that will please everyone, in the same vein as a Mbappé TOTS/TOTY for example.

Note: We played with Pelé Moments shortly before his DCE was released, via a card bought on the market. However, there will be no difference with the version of the challenge.

Do you have to do this DCE : Yes. With the DCE Reinforcement 85+ x10 repeatable, this challenge will be doable but long (25 teams). Enough to end FIFA 22 in style.

Our solution : Use your doubloons of DCE Reinforcement 85+ x10.

Maxence Lacroix FUTTIES

Maxence Lacroix's FUTTIES card.

A very good DC, complete, which imposes itself well in duels. Without being Chiellini FDE, he is a solid player who will do the job. Very correct in terms of recovery, his kicking game is quite good without being at the level of a Militao TOTS or even Dias TOTY. Overall a good player but not a card that you will remember for a long time because it is a bit generic. Honestly, our Sûle TOTS Objectifs was more visible than Lacroix during our test.

Do you have to do this DCE : Yes if you need the links. The DCE is cheap and it allows to make the current goals around the Bundesliga.

Our solution : Maxence Lacroix FUTTIES

Ronaldinho Moments

Ronaldinho's Icone Moments card.

Be careful here, because nostalgia is very important around Ronaldinho. The brilliant Brazilian is a very good MOC in game or even BU, with a unique physique and animations. However, it is necessary to play a lot on the technical gestures to justify its price. Thus, his free kicks are much better than one might think but his shots from distance are very irregular. In addition, his fluidity on the pitch is sometimes compromised by a physique that seems rigid at times.

Do you have to do this DCE : Yes for the nostalgic. Given its price, it is totally possible to farm the DCE over a few days/weeks in order to finish FIFA 22 with a dream formation. However, a Neymar TOTS is, in our opinion, a better card (similar in style), as is a Pelé SS Heroes or a Vini Jr.

Our solution : Ronaldinho Moments

Emilio Butragueno Moments

The Icone Moments card by Emilio Butragueno.

The prototype of the BU, Emilio Butragueno Moments has indeed an ideal physique in play, complete stats and 5 stars of weak foot. Quick and precise in front of goal, he's a sort of Ben Yedder or Dalglish (a little more agile than the Scot). However, be careful because the card is limited on several levels: its strength, its technical gestures and its distance shots. Thus, for June, we consider that there are better alternatives as Emilio Butragueno Moments is limited to the game in the box.

Note: we played with Emilio Butragueno Moments several weeks ago, so this review is based on the card purchased in May and not the DCE. Although there is normally no difference, we prefer to point it out here. Maldini Moments has been notably better for a few weeks, for example.

Do you have to do this DCE : No. Unless you're returning to play and have very specific linking needs, we believe that any hardcore FIFA 22 player will have better alternatives through TOTS.

Our solution : Emilio Butragueno Moments

Laurent Blanc Moments

Laurent Blanc's Iconic Moments card.

To be objective, we must take into account an important point of this DCE: its price. Costing less than 200k, Laurent Blanc Moments is an extremely easy to complete challenge to get a solid DC. Solid, because White has his limits, especially in his agility and aerial play. Less mobile than a lot of defenders in this TOTS period, he remains a good player who will be more “automatic” than managed manually. Thus, it is a good choice for a question of links, if you cannot use a Small Moments, in a Hybrid formation, especially if your second DC is mobile (a Romero Show for example).

Do you have to do this DCE : Yes, but. Laurent Blanc Moments will be interesting only in the event that you resume FUT and your budget is limited while needing strong links with French players. Beyond that, Dante TOTS via Objectives and Saliba TOTS will be better cards.

Our solution : Laurent Blanc Moments

Paolo Maldini Moments

The Moments card by Paolo Maldini

Quite simply, one of the very best DCs in the game. After playing with cards like Marquinhos TOTY, Dias TOTY, Varane FB or Kimpembe RTTF, Paolo Maldini is clearly in this elite of central defenders. Fast, powerful and omnipresent, the Italian player is clearly a reference on FIFA 22. Note, however, a tendency to regularly lose aerial duels against cards like TOTY CR7 or Weghorst Showdown but also against less impressive players... Overall, a very solid card, whether you are a player who moves his defenders or someone who only plays his MDC in defense.

Do you have to do this DCE : Yes. An endgame defender, to do during TOTS with all your doubloons. A very complete map, which will adapt to all players. However, Maldini is not really different from a Marquinhos TOTY, although its price is much higher.

Our solution : Paolo Maldini Moments

Patrick Vieira Moments

The Moments card by Patrick Vieira

Vieira is often mentioned as the example of the MDC with an imposing physique, allowing them to win duels and steal the ball from an attacker. A control tower in your defense, Vieira is clearly a diehard MDC, being limited by his offensive stats. However, it's a good thing because the latter can evolve into MDC alone or in duo, without any problem. For us, he is the best player in the game (with TOTY Kanté) before the TOTS at this position, Matthaus being more of a box-to-box. The only limit being that it lacks agility if you like to play with a single MDC that you move into your defense, without hitting defenders.

Do you have to do this DCE : Yes. An endgame map, to be done during the TOTS with all your doubloons. Perfect in addition to an agile MDC like Kanté or Fernandinho FUT Captains.

Our solution : Patrick Vieira Moments

Thierry Henry Moments

Thierry Henry's Moments menu

If we usually refuse to play with a Thierry Henry card on FIFA, its different versions are so far from the image we have for the legend of Arsenal, this Moments made us change our minds. So be careful, if Henry Moments is clearly playable, it must nevertheless be taken into account that the latter is still not the image of the French genius in our opinion. Henry Moments remains heavy and sometimes unwieldy, more of a fulcrum than the rocket he could be in England. However, we will note excellent shots and a physique that will make the difference in a duel.

Do you have to do this DCE : Yes, but. Henry is playable but will be effective in the hands of a player who appreciates somewhat heavy and powerful BUs. So given its price, be certain of the style of attackers you prefer to line up.

Our solution : Thierry Henry Moments

Notice to come

So much for our opinions on the special player cards from DCE in the FUT mode of FIFA 22. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

FIFA 22 card reviews, DCE FUT players
The list of all our solutions for active DCEs on FIFA 22.
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