FIFA 21, best techniques to earn FUT coins

FIFA 21, best techniques to earn FUT coins

Here we explain the best techniques and tips for earning coins in the FUT mode of FIFA 21. Money is the sinews of war and in FUT, having a lot of coins allows you to improve your team, whether by buying better cards, but also by completing DCEs for specific rewards.

Here we will discuss the most effective and fastest ways to earn coins on FIFA 21.

The routine of the FUT app for FIFA 21

So this is clearly not the solution that will give you the most credits, nevertheless it is a simple, effective and fast technique to regularly increase your wealth on FIFA 21: the FUT application. The latter is obtainable from the week before the release of each FIFA and allows, by connecting once a day, to obtain bonuses, small packs and generally, some credits.

It's simple, it doesn't take long but it's effective in the long run.

DCEs, a good way to earn FUT coins

While some Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are money pits, most SBCs can earn you credits while improving your team. Indeed, some challenges have a fairly low cost to complete, allowing you to obtain one or more Packs for a relatively low price. So you might not earn Credits directly, but you can get cards to use for your team, cards for future DCEs, or even sell those players for Credits.

The following DCEs are generally profitable:

  • Fullerenes DCE Big Posters of the week, which appear every Thursday at 19 p.m. Be careful because it is also generally a good way to speculate on cards (see our next section)
  • Turnkey Event specific challenges (Headliner, FUTMAS, FUT Birthday, TOTY), often referred to as "XXX Challenge", which are more expensive than Big Posters, but often reward much better
  • ELDs related to Esport competitions like the FUT Cup are often excellent value for money with inexpensive Packs.

DCEs are therefore fairly random means of earning credits, but which are generally very profitable in the long term. Thus, you risk losing a little money on one or two Packs to win a lot on others. You can find all the solutions to live DCEs on our page dedicated to active Team Building Challenges.

Our advice : in our DCE solutions, we give our opinion on the interest and profitability of each Challenge. To do so, unless you have a lot of cards in stock.

Playing on the auction house, the best way to earn credits

If the first two possibilities are fairly safe solutions to permanently earn an average amount of FUT coins, play on the auction house can save you a lot of money over the long term.

The basic idea is simple:

  • Find cheap cards
  • Resell them for a better price to make a profit
  • Retry the operation

However, there are techniques to significantly increase the effectiveness of this technique. It will require a little more knowledge, but the result will be much greater.

  • Anticipate future DCEs linked to leagues or clubs (the Big Posters for example)
  • Bulk buy cards from these clubs/leagues at good prices in advance
  • Resell these cards on the evening of the DCE release

For example, EA releases the Premier League Player of the Month (POTM) DCE once a month which usually requires multiple players from the English league as well as players from specific clubs. While it's not always easy to anticipate the required clubs, you can easily anticipate the need for Gold cards with ratings above 80+.

FIFA 21, best techniques to earn FUT coins
Evaluate the price of certain cards to regularly earn FUT coins.

Thus, you will only need to buy all the corresponding cards (if their price is low) one to two weeks before and be prepared to sell everything on the desired day. In particular, you can use the Futbin price comparator (in English) to evaluate the evolution of the price of the cards.

Playing on the auction house when FIFA 21 is released

As mentioned in our guide to getting the season off to a good start on FIFA 21, it is very easy to earn credits on FUT when the game is launched. Thus, many players will seek to get their hands on specific cards, often undervalued by the original owners.

Here are our tips and strategies based on card quality:

Fullerenes  bronze cards Rare can be quite expensive if they allow you to complete team building challenges. The technique will therefore be to get your hands on Bronze cards at 150-200 credits, useful for the first DCEs of the season. Buy these cards at the minimum price to resell them for around 350-500 credits.

Fullerenes  Silver cards only have value if they come from big leagues/nations. However, you can keep these cards to make DCEs, especially the Big Posters. Thus, everything depends on whether you can get your hands on cheap cards (below 400 credits) that will be used by other players to complete challenges. Mainly favor the cards of the 5 major championships and the main nations (France, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal or even Argentina).

As regards the common gold cards, some have an interest if the values ​​are good. So if a full-back from a major league is fast, players are likely to seek him out for the first games of the season. Learn the value of these cards to snipe players at low cost to resell them for a bit more. Be careful though, this is probably the most risky technique.

As mentioned above, the cartes Or Rare and big cards should be saved for the early days of FIFA 21. Wait until prices start to rise nicely to put them on sale. Conversely, we do not recommend that you bet on high cards at the start. It is more interesting and less risky to bet 10 credits on 000 cards than 10 on one card.

Beware, however, of the 5% margin on each sale, since your margin between the purchase and the resale of the card can be totally lost on this. Therefore, only buy when you are sure of making a profit if you are just starting out.

Also, if you want to save Player Contracts in the early days of play, play basic games (Team Clash) with recently purchased cards before reselling them.

The content to do on FIFA 21 to earn FUT coins

So obviously, apart from trading and DCE, it is possible to earn credits by simply playing FUT. Each match will earn you credits, depending on your results and difficulty level.

Additionally, you will also earn rewards every week through Team Chases and Rivals. Especially since by playing these game modes, you will have the possibility of unlocking levels in the season pass (free), increasing your total of cards and bonuses in play.

Here are a few tips to make the most of these different solutions:

  • Try playing Team Battles rather than Friendlies.
  • In Clash, if you don't have the opportunity to play a lot of matches, play against fairly weak teams (in collective level) but with the maximum level of difficulty in order to ensure an easy game and the most possible points . The more points you have at the end of the week, the better the reward.
  • Play Rivals, even if it means losing the majority of your encounters at first.
  • You can use secondary teams or even replace some of your holders with cards that you will soon be getting rid of in DCEs in order to save consumables.

Obviously, the ideal is to spam the different game modes a lot in order to obtain several tens of thousands of credits per week, allowing you to quickly ensure income in addition to your trading on the market.

Buy FIFA Points to quickly progress on FUT?

Although it is a legal and normal option, we recommend that you be careful when deciding to buy FIFA Points. First of all, because the profitability of each Pack is very limited, but also because the habit of buying Packs could become a very costly routine in the long term.

Thus, we mainly recommend that you buy an Ultimate version of FIFA 21 rather than buying FIFA Points. However, if you want to spend money during the season, promote special periods, like the TOTY in January.

So much for our best ways and techniques to easily earn FUT credits on FIFA 21. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the DCE solutions as well as advice for investing, creating your starter team but also following the news and in-game TOTWs.

FIFA 21, best techniques to earn FUT coins
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FIFA 21, best techniques to earn FUT coins
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