FIFA 21 our examples of cheap Starter team OP for FUT

FIFA 21 our examples of cheap Starter team OP for FUT

In this guide we present you some examples of OP starter team and not expensive (200k or less) for the FUT mode of FIFA 21. During the first weeks of FUT, it is important to invest well to create a starter team able to evolve towards your first advanced training (about 1 million credits).

Thus, our examples present squads mixing several major leagues and nations, in order to easily add new players. The idea will therefore be to progress this first eleven quite naturally according to your future investments.

What does a good starter team look like in FUT?

A Team OP starter for FIFA 21 FUT mode must have some pretty specific criteria to really be interesting and profitable. Thus, we note the following:

  • A majority of players playing in major leagues
  • Inexpensive players, under 10 credits if possible (prices may fluctuate)
  • Full cards, where the overall rating is less important than the specific values ​​and total points
  • Quite fast and mobile players
  • The possibility of developing the team quite easily
  • A collective score close to 100

These criteria must be respected to be sure that the time you will spend at the exit of the game to train it is not wasted. Thus, the only criterion that could be set aside concerns the price of the cards, if you have decided to invest in Fut Points as soon as FIFA 21 is released.

Players for a good FUT starter team on FIFA 21

There isn't really a perfect starter team since generally, you will get interesting cards as soon as you open your first packs. These cards will influence your choices and your training. Thus, it is more interesting to evoke the profile of the good cards.

What does a good map look like?

  • A good card for a good starter team must be from a fairly powerful nation and if possible from a major league
  • The player must have a fairly high overall speed depending on his position
  • Look for full cards with lots of attributes for a midfielder but specific attack and defense values
  • Thus, a good mark in physics, speed and shooting for an attacker
  • Good mobility in defense is quite important in the beginning, especially against players who will be looking to use arrows in FUT
  • The positions should not be too exotic either, in order to evolve on fairly classic formations

In particular, you can consult our complete guide to getting started on FUT (both for beginners and advanced players) in order to clearly identify the cards to keep and those to sell as soon as you open your first packs.

Our examples of OP and cheap starter team for FUT on FIFA 21

Note here that the idea is to present some examples of formations for FUT, which should be around 200k credits in the first weeks of play. We will also list specific formations, linked to nations or championships, in d other site guides.

  • In the formations starter Ligue 1.
  • Nos formations starter Premier League.
  • In the formations starter LaLiga.
  • In the formation starter Bundesliga.
  • In the formation starters Serie A.

Note that all our trainings have been created with the Futbin builder.

Mix of nations and leagues

We are here on formations with several nations and championships mixed.

Starter team at 100K

Team info: 81 overall rating and 100 collective

FIFA 21 our examples of cheap Starter team OP for FUT
An amazing starter team for around 100k upon release of FIFA 21.

We are here on an incredible starter team to start FIFA 21, with however the need to change some positions. Note that if the team is excellent, it will nevertheless be necessary to save money to change several cards at the same time to make it evolve.

Base Liga et Bundesliga

Team info: 81 overall rating and 95 collective

FIFA 21 our examples of cheap Starter team OP for FUT
An example of a starter team with a mix of nations and championships.

Here, the base of the team makes it possible to switch to a formation based on La Liga players or on Bundesliga players quite easily. In addition, the number of Brazilian and French players also makes it possible to vary the nations if necessary. Note the excellent level of speed of the group at all positions.

Variation of the first starter team

Team Info: Overall Rating 81 & 94 Chemistry

FIFA 21 our examples of cheap Starter team OP for FUT
A variation of our first starter team.

As with the first, the advantages are to be able to quickly switch to a full LaLiga or Bundesliga team. Note that it is also possible to strengthen the team with French players. We have purposely opted for different players within the Bundesliga to give you more options. Be careful though, here we have changed the position of Felix, usually attacking, in midfield.

Starter team composed of a single championship or nation

Here the idea is to focus on a nation or on a single championship. If in the first case, it makes it easy to change team optics in the future, the second is reserved for those who really want to play with specific teams.

Brazil in the spotlight

Team Info: Overall Rating 81, Chemistry Level 100

FIFA 21 our examples of cheap Starter team OP for FUT
A formation made up of Brazilian players.

A great classic since we already presented it to you last year. A team entirely made up of players from Brazil, thus making it possible to get out of the major championships. The advantage lies in the low cost of most cards. However, the flexibility will be limited after a few weeks of play...

Starter team OP in Ligue 1 for FIFA 21

Team Info: Overall Rating 80, Chemistry Level 100

FIFA 21 our examples of cheap Starter team OP for FUT
An OP starter team for Ligue 1.

We are therefore here on a 100% Ligue 1 formation allowing either to vary with French players playing abroad or to invest in players from PSG and OL to make an ultimate Ligue 1 formation.

So much for our examples of OP starter team and cheap for the FUT mode of FIFA 21. Once again, our guide mainly offers examples and leads to help you design your own team to start well on FUT this year. You can find all the news, guides and DCE solutions on our portal dedicated to FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 our examples of cheap Starter team OP for FUT
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FIFA 21 our examples of cheap Starter team OP for FUT
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