FIFA 20 : FUT, ultimate Ligue 1 team

FIFA 20 : FUT, ultimate Ligue 1 team

While it's usually about cheap team in FUT, it's also possible to create great formations like our ultimate League 1 team in FIFA 20. The goal here is to show what a formation could look like only made up of superstars from the same league, with no price limit. Discover our dream team of the French championship for FUT.

Note that what we are looking for here is:

  • Bring together the best cards of the same championship
  • Training adapted to the biggest stars
  • A team that makes you dream but that works in game
FIFA 20 : FUT, ultimate Ligue 1 team
Our ultimate FUT Ligue 1 team.

The formation was created via Futbin's team editor. 

Some info on our ultimate Ligue 1 team

Unsurprisingly, the ideal Ligue 1 formation is none other than an eleven from Paris Saint-Germain. While the French league is not known for its superstars, the Parisian club is also one of the best teams in FIFA 20. With perfect links and a certain balance on the various positions, this eleven remains quite impressive.

A few more players for a FUT Ultimate Team

For once it will be difficult to exchange players from this team with other members of the French championship since PSG really dominates in terms of superstars on FIFA 20. If it is possible to make some exchanges like placing Draxler or Sarabia, it will be difficult to make many more modifications without leaving the hexagon. On the other hand, with the presence of several Brazilian players, it is possible to improve this eleven with some Brazilian cards.

So much for our ultimate FUT Ligue 1 team on FIFA 20. You can also consult our different formations for the other major European championships (starter team and dream team) as well as our list of OP and cheap players to get off to a good start on FIFA 20 FUT mode. 

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