FIFA 20: FUT, Premier League Ultimate Team

FIFA 20: FUT, Premier League Ultimate Team

While it's usually about cheap squads in FUT, it's also possible to create great rosters like our Ultimate Premier League roster in FIFA 20. The goal here is to show what an all-composed roster might look like of superstars from the same league, with no price limit. Discover our dream team of the English championship for FUT.

Note that what we are looking for here is:

  • Bring together the best cards of the same championship
  • Training adapted to the biggest stars
  • A team that makes you dream but that works in game
FIFA 20: FUT, Premier League Ultimate Team
Our ultimate Premier League FUT team.

The formation was created via Futbin's team editor. 

Some info on our ultimate Premier League team

Here, we opted for a very offensive and aggressive team, neglecting the defense a little (despite the presence of a 5-man block with Kanté) in favor of very fast players on the wings. It is possible to opt for a more classic 4-4-2 or for a formation with less attacking midfielders.

A few more players for a FUT Ultimate Team

It should be noted that here we made the difficult choice to take Sterling in place of Salah on the right while we left stars like Kane or Pogba on the bench. It all depends on your desires and game preferences to define your ultimate formation.

So much for our ultimate Premier League FUT team on FIFA 20. You can also consult our different formations for the other major European championships (starter team and dream team) as well as our list of OP and cheap players to start well on FIFA 20 FUT mode. 

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