FIFA 20: Beginner's Guide to FUT

FIFA 20: Beginner's Guide to FUT

If you're looking to get started on FIFA 20's FIFA Ultimate Team mode, here's our beginner's guide to FUT. It must be said that FUT has quickly become the most important mode in the game of football, pushing fans to play hundreds of hours just to improve their training via credits and coins. We explain everything to you in order to progress quickly in this game mode.

Which edition of FIFA 20 should I buy?

First of all, it is important to note that the choice of edition of FIFA 20 will have an impact on your evolution on the FUT mode. Indeed, if you can play quite well with the standard edition, it is recommended to buy the Ultimate Edition (with Zidane on the cover) because of the bonuses conferred. It must be said that if the Standard version offers 3 Gold packs for purchase, the Ultimate Edition includes a total of 24 Rare Gold packs (2 per week for 12 weeks), enough to get ahead in the composition of its crew.

So while it's entirely possible to get some good cards by following the rest of our advice, someone wanting to fully commit to FUT mode should choose the Ultimate Edition to ensure a total of constant cards.

How to get coins for FUT?

Credits are essential for the FIFA 20 FUT mode since they allow you to buy all the cards: players, coaches, contracts as well as the various boosts for your training.

However, it is possible toget credits without spending money on FIFA 20:

  • By completing weekly and monthly challenges
  • By completing the various inexpensive Team Building Challenges (DCE) yielding Card Packs
  • Via the auction house: by reselling your unused cards

You can also check our guide on how to earn Coins (FUT Coin) in FIFA 20 FUT mode. 

Start on FUT with a first team

After seeing the editing and credits aspect, our beginner's guide to FIFA 20 FUT mode tackles the first big piece: creating your first eleven!

Start by opening your different packs (depending on your edition) and practice the gameplay of the game by completing some challenges in order to unlock more packs and credits. Thus, you will obtain your first player cards in order to constitute a first formation.

Then identify the following elements:

  • What good players do you have (80+ overall rating)?
  • Do you have multiple cards from the same league?
  • How many players from the same nation do you have?

Depending on the answers you will have, you will have to build your first team around the possible synergies between your best cards.

Note that your first training will mainly consist of silver and bronze player cards if you do not have an Ultimate edition. However, don't worry, your team will progress quickly, the current cards will only be used for a few matches to familiarize yourself with the FUT mode.

Only buildonly one team at the start, set aside good cards if you have a specific goal or style in mind, but above all avoid investing a lot in several useless cards.

Basic advice with your first team

Overall, your first formation (the one obtained in the very first card packs) should be used to play your first matches against the computer (the AI) in order to win challenges and thus obtain more credits and packs.

So keep in mind the following tips:

  • Don't use your best cards
  • Leave your temporary Icon card on the bench
  • Don't buy contracts for cards you're going to replace
  • Save as much of your credits as possible to build your "starter team" (see our explanation below)

Conversely, invest in a second silver/bronze team in order to participate in certain encounters against the CPU for particular challenges. This will save you contracts on your typical team which will generally cost more than the cards on your reserve team.

Beginner's Guide: Chemistry Value in FUT

If for some, the priority will be to obtain the best cards in the game to form their team, this strategy will be limited by a central point: the value of collective.

This concept works as follows: each player on your team has a link with his close teammate(s), if they do not share one or more elements in common (nationality, club or championship), the link will be orange or even red, lowering the overall quality of the map.

Therefore, you will have to take this collective value into account each time you want to set up a formation. This is also why it is important to take the time to analyze your cards when creating your first team.

For more information and tips around Chemistry Value, be sure to check out our guide to Chemistry Value for FUT.

Build your "starter team" on FIFA 20

You played several matches with your starting team and you started to accumulate cards and credits? The next step is to form a starter team. A starter team is a team composed mainly of Gold cards serving as the basis for your future starting eleven in the game.

Thus, its composition is important since if you manage your shot well, it can simply evolve over time without having to redo everything each time you open a few packs.

A good starter team must have the following elements:

  • A fairly low total cost (below 10k credits)
  • An overall value around 75-80
  • A collective level close to 100
  • Some flexibility to be able to add better cards without completely redoing your eleven
  • Favor large leagues so you can add better cards

You can find different examples of cheap teams and players on our different FUT guides on our site.  

Things not to do when starting out on FUT

Overall, the FIFA 20 FUT mode forces players to be patient at the beginning, while they get enough to buy cards and improve your team. Here are some additional tips for getting ahead in FUT:

  • Keep your best cards (both on your bench and on the auction house)
  • Do not buy big cards at the very beginning, the prizes will be very high
  • Do not try to build two Gold + formations at the same time

Don't force ties with hard-to-use cards (if your best cards are from small leagues or nationalities with few good players). Try selling them instead

Consider using the FUT FIFA 20 app

Less fundamental than in previous editions (but this could change in a few weeks), the FUT application allows you to do a lot of things:

  • Buy and sell player cards
  • Follow the evolution of player card prices
  • Regularly obtain gifts (packs, FUT outfits) by logging in

The FIFA 20 FUT app will be available from September 18, so you can start getting used to using it.

So much for our beginner's guide to the FIFA 20 FUT mode. Obviously, several concepts must be fully mastered in order to progress in more detail in the game, which is why we recommend that you consult the other guides present on the site.

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