FIFA 20: Best Techniques to Earn FUT Coins

FIFA 20: Best Techniques to Earn FUT Coins

Coins are at the heart of any progression in FIFA 20's FUT mode and that's why we've got you covered with this guide to the best ways and techniques to earn Coins. If there is no miracle solution, we will explain simple techniques to earn FUT coins and thus be able to improve your dream team.

DCEs, a good way to earn FUT coins

While some Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are money pits, most SBCs can earn you credits while improving your team. Indeed, some challenges have a fairly low cost to complete, allowing you to get a Gold Pack for less than or equal to the price in the EA store.

Thus, the following DCEs are generally profitable:

  • Fullerenes DCE Big Posters of the week, which appear every Thursday at 19 p.m. For example, the first edition of this DCE (you can check our cheap solution) costs around 12k for 3 Gold Packs (including 2 Jumbo), an excellent deal.
  • The first part of Challenges Icons is usually a good way to earn credits by getting Gold Packs for around 2-3k credits.
  • ELDs related to Esport competitions like the FUT Cup are often excellent value for money with inexpensive packs.

DCEs are therefore fairly random means of earning credits but which are generally very profitable in the long term. Thus, you risk losing a little money on one or two Packs to win a lot on others. You can find all the solutions to live DCEs on our page dedicated to active Team Building Challenges.

Our advice : try to look at the cost of the solutions posted on our site in order to assess whether the reward is profitable or not.

Play friendly matches on FUT

The easiest way to get credits is to play matches online. However, if your training is weak or your level of play is not yet at the top, you may doubt your ability to play against a real opponent.

FIFA 20: Best Techniques to Earn FUT Coins
Play friendlies online to earn FUT coins.

Nevertheless, EA has thought of everything this year with the possibility of making friendly matches on the FUT mode, the latter bringing in around 1300 credits per game. Also, they count towards daily objectives, allowing you to level up in order to get more rewards.

But if you're hesitant to play friendlies against real players, there's always the option to play against the AI, which will also award FUT coins.

Playing on the auction house, the best way to earn credits

If the first two ways are fairly safe solutions to permanently earn an average amount of FUT coins, play on the auction house can save you a lot of money over the long term.

The basic idea is simple:

  • Find cheap cards
  • Resell them for a better price to make a profit
  • Retry the operation

However, there are techniques to significantly increase the effectiveness of this technique. It will require a little more knowledge but the result will be much more important.

  • Anticipate future DCEs linked to leagues or clubs
  • Bulk buy cards from these clubs/leagues at good prices in advance
  • Resell these cards on the evening of the DCE release

For example, EA releases the Premier League Player of the Month (POTM) DCE once a month which usually requires multiple players from the English league as well as players from specific clubs. While anticipating the required clubs is not easy, you can easily anticipate the need for Gold cards with ratings above 80.

FIFA 20: Best Techniques to Earn FUT Coins
Evaluate the price of certain cards to regularly earn FUT coins.

Thus, you will only need to buy all the corresponding cards (if their price is low) one to two weeks before and be prepared to sell everything on the desired day. In particular, you can use the Futbin price comparator (in English) to evaluate the evolution of the price of the cards.

So much for our best ways and techniques to easily earn FUT Coins on FIFA 20. There are obviously other solutions but these three are easy and cost effective enough for anyone to use quickly.

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