All about FIFA 23, the latest installment in the series

All about FIFA 23, the latest installment in the series

Discover here our article summarizing everything we know and everything that is important to know about the new FIFA 23. The latest installment in the series developed by EA (before becoming EA FC in 2023) will be available next September. Here we present the credit leaks as well as all the official information on the football game.

Up to date : Mise à jour du mardi 2 août à 13h. De nouvelles informations ont été ajoutées, avec notamment les premières vidéos de gameplay.

FIFA 23 in outline

We summarize here the important elements and the main novelties concerning FIFA 23. This part will be kept up to date as soon as EA or credible leaks are published.

What we know :

  • FIFA 23 will be released on September 30 (and from the 27th in early release)
  • The game will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC and Switch
  • All FIFA 22 licenses will be present, Juventus is also back
  • The World Cup will be present in the game, as well as all the selections present in the competition
  • New FUT Heroes icons and cards will be present
  • Kylian MbappĂ© and Sam Kerr are on the covers of the game
  • Crossplay will be present, including on FUT mode but no co-op in crossplay on this mode (two players must be on the same platform for FUT crossplay)
  • La version PC bĂ©nĂ©ficiera de la next-gen
  • The transfer market will be the same for consoles but the PC and Switch versions will not be included
  • Les commentateurs en français sont dĂ©sormais Omar Da Fonseca et Benjamin Da Silva, le duo de BeIn Sports
  • Pas mal de changements sur le plan du gameplay (voir notre avis sur les nouveautĂ©s gameplay)

A first trailer of FIFA 23

EA a annoncé que le jeu serait dévoilé officiellement le mercredi 20 juillet à 18h. D’habitude, cette présentation ne concerne qu’un trailer rapide, qui mettra en avant quelques nouveautés du jeu. On attend donc pas grand chose de ce premier trailer de FIFA 23.

Update following the release of the trailer: As expected, nothing special in this first trailer. We are entitled to 98% of cinematics and three passages of play. Hypermotion Technology is back, but otherwise nothing more level announcement.

First FIFA 23 Gameplay Video

On Wednesday, July 27, EA released a gameplay video to show off what's new in FIFA 23.

The premiere video of FIFA 23 gameplay.

What's New in FIFA 23 Gameplay

Hypermotion 2: The Hypermotion Technology system is back with more items captured by EA in matches. So there will be new animations, new calls and movements of players on the field.

Technical gestures: dribbling should be more reactive, especially with good dribblers. EA assures that the feeling will be more natural, something they have been trying to do for several games already.

Accélération : un système de vitesse et de courses apparait avec trois options : de l’explosivité, de la course sur longues enjambées et une vitesse « contrôlée ». Cela sera dépendant de la carte, ainsi un joueur comme Virgil Van Dijk aura une course sur de longues enjambées tandis que Vinicius Jr sera plus explosif.

Movements: In addition to this speed system, players will also have variations in their movements if they have the ball compared to without the ball.

Shots: Power shots will be modified to make them more interesting, probably via a system rewarding more the timing of the shot.

Pénalty et coup franc : ces tirs seront modifiés, avec un nouveau système de tir et de visée. Ainsi, il sera possible de viser où le pied va taper pour donner un effet différent sur la frappe.

Défense : de nouvelles animations défensives sont ajoutées, notamment sur les meilleurs joueurs. En outre, les tacles glissés vont être améliorés pour favoriser leur utilisation.

Guardian: their vision will be more affected by the position of players in front of them while new animations, especially on gloves, have been added.

Ball Physics: Deflections on shots should be more realistic and affected by every element of a player's physique.

You can find our detailed opinion on the new gameplay features of FIFA 23 and share yours with us in the comments on our dedicated article.

Leaks autour de FIFA 23

We will present here the information leaks obtained via credible sources. Note that sometimes, elements present in the database may not be deployed, in particular due to legal problems (contracts with players, clubs).

New icons:

  • Gerd Muller, Germany
  • Xabi Alonzo, Espagne
  • Zico, Brazil (A priori canceled or set aside due to a legal issue)
  • Di Stephano, Argentine/Espagne (listĂ© depuis l’an dernier sur la base de donnĂ©es)
  • Gabriel Battistuta, Argentina (Cancelled or Withdrawn)
  • David Villa, Spain (Cancelled or withdrawn)

New FUT Heroes Cards:

  • Yaya TourĂ©, Premier League
  • Ji-Sung Park, Premier League
  • Dirt Kuyt, Premier League
  • Marchisio, Serie A
  • Rafael Marquez, La Liga
  • Peter Crouch, Premier League

Changed card style: Icon in FUT Hero

Icon cards would be “downgraded” to FUT Heroes next season. This would still allow for more upgrades and potentially a more meta approach to these cards.

  • Nakata
  • Coach

Chemistry Changes:

  • A priori, the collective would be removed from FUT mode
  • The position change system could be modified, with a secondary position for each card

Gameplay Changes

  • Le système de tirs serait modifiĂ©, sans pour autant que ça soit drastique comme modification
  • Blocks on shots will change, with less chance of triggering a block if the player is not manually controlled
  • A system of speed and races appears with three options: explosiveness, running on long strides and a "controlled" speed. It will depend on the card

FIFA 23 release date

The FIFA 23 release date has been officially announced for Friday, September 30 (as anticipated) and September 27 for pre-orders and ultimate versions. Note that the game will be available on the EA Play Pro, allowing early access to FIFA 23 from September 27.

So much for our summary of all the information about the new FIFA 23. While waiting for the release of EA's new football game, you can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on

All about FIFA 23, the latest installment in the series
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