All About Genshin Impact's Reputation System

All About Genshin Impact's Reputation System

Each capital city in Genshin Impact offers a reputation system for obtaining various rewards. To improve this reputation there are different ways, and if the final reward is only cosmetic, many essential elements are hidden there. Introduced with patch 1.1, each capital offers its reputation.

  • Mondstadt reputation
  • Liyue reputation

Different bonus activities

In addition to offering rewards, Genshin Impact's reputation system also offers new challenges. There is exploration, unique quests, but also bonuses and requests. These last two activities are also weekly. Each city offers up to 3 bounties and requests, but it is impossible to do more than 3 of them per week, all cities combined. Thus, if I decide to fulfill my 3 bounties and 3 requests with Mondstadt, I will not have the opportunity to fulfill those of Liyue in the same week.

The rewards for these missions also vary by difficulty. Bounties are all about taking on a powerful enemy, which means better rewards. Note that the bounties can be chained without waiting, making it possible to make 3 times in a row the most profitable.

  • Tier 3 Bonus –
    • 60 city reputation
    • 20 Mora
  • Tier 4 Bonus –
    • 80 city reputation
    • 25 Mora
  • Tier 5 Bonus –
    • 100 city reputation
    • 30 Mora

Rewards and reputation levels

For now, each city can be upgraded to reputation level 8. The final reward is a pair of wings in the colors of the region. But each level reached unlocks other rewards. It is mainly about recipes, but only about cooking. Some blueprints are unlocked through this system, such as Resonance Stones or Condensed Resin.

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All About Genshin Impact's Reputation System
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