Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5

Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5

There are many reasons for you to play the game, but one of them is to find all GTA vehicles. Some of them are rare and only appear in certain places. Submarine, fighter plane, helicopter or exceptional car, we give you the locations of all the rare vehicles of GTA 5.

If you know of any other rare vehicle locations in GTA Online, please let us know in the comments!

In this section: 1 GTA 5 car parking lots and spawn 1.1 Rare Vehicles Complete Map 1.2 4×4 Coast Guard 1.3 Attack Buzzard Equipped 1.4 Shopping Cart 1.5 Fire Truck 1.6 Dundreary Stretch 1.7 Dinghy 1.8 FIB Buffalo and FIB SUV 1.9 Fieldmaster (Tractor) 1.10 HVY Dump 1.11 LCC Hexer 1.12 Nagasaki Blazer Coast Guard 1.13 P-996 Lazer 1.14 Park Ranger 1.15 Pegassi Vacca 1.16 Quad Nagasaki Blazer 1.17 Rat Loader 1.18 Sandking XL 1.19 Submarine 1.20 Space Docker 1.21 Speedophile Seashark 1.22 Tractor (Rusty Tractor) 1.23 Truffade Adder 1.24 Unmarked Cruiser (unmarked police car) 1.25 Zentorno

Parking lots and spawning cars GTA 5

Whatever vehicle you are looking for, there is a good chance that you can find it in game. To help you, we provide you with a detailed map below. Some specific vehicles whose current location is known are shown directly. For others, nothing could be simpler!

  • Blue cars indicate parking lots where rare vehicles can spawn in GTA 5.
    • You can also find interesting vehicles (Pfister Comet, Obey 9F, Coil Voltic, Vapid Bullet, etc) on the Rare Vehicle Parking lot indicated at the top of the range in the lower left of the map.
  • The yellow planes indicate the different known spawns of planes in the game. These are mainly the landing strips.
    • Beware, however, of Fort Zancudo, the military base to the west of the map. As soon as you enter it, you immediately go to 4 stars (unless you have a hangar inside).
    • You can also upgrade to 1 star when entering Los Santos Airport, unless you have a hangar there.
  • Finally the green boats indicate different locations where you can find different types of boats. In general, who says water says boat!

Complete map of rare vehicles

Complete map with all listed locations of rare vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, planes…). Click on the map to enlarge it and find your GTA 5 vehicles!

4×4 Coast Guard

A modified version of the Granger, the 4×4 Coast Guard Declasse can be found on the various beaches (Del Perro Beach, Vespucci Beach), sometimes on patrol, sometimes parked. You can also find it in beach parking lots.

Attack buzzer equipped

A small helicopter equipped with dangerous weapons, the Buzzard can be found in Fort Zancudo (at the risk of your life) or in the various heliports (for players of rank 43 or higher online). You can also buy it or get it as a CEO vehicle.

He can sometimes be found on the roof of the government compound next to Sustancia Road in the southeast of the map.


Whether as a golf vehicle or in a slightly "damaged" version as a road vehicle, you can find Caddy on GTA 5. The majority of them are parked or in circulation on the grounds of Los Santos Golf Club in the Richman neighborhood of Los Santos.

The damaged version can also be found with or without a roof on Sandy Shores. You can also find some in the bunker on GTA Online.

Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5
Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5

Fire truck

You can get it by stealing it after a firefighter intervention, or in the various barracks indicated on the map.

Dundreary Stretch

A little ride in the limo? For fans of very long cars, you can find them in front of the Tequi-la-la north of the city in West Vinewood, or in the hangars south of the airport.


The Dinghy is a boat that has the particularity of offering you a diving suit when you are at the controls. It is therefore very useful to find it!

And it can be found quite easily on the various boat spawn locations south of Los Santos.

FIB Buffalo et FIB SUV

To find the FIB cars in GTA 5, all you need to do is go to the satellite area under Sandy Shores. You will take a few shots, but you will also have the opportunity to steal the vehicles. It is recommended to go there around 10am to ensure the presence of vehicles.

Fieldmaster (Tractor)

You will be able to find tractors on the Sandy Shores side, the whole area with the caravans under the lake. But also on the beaches like on Vespucci Beach or on the large parking lot of Del Perro Pier.

You can find some interesting vehicles in Sandy Shores on GTA V, such as tractors.

HVY Dump

Some renovation work to do in your neighborhood? Go to the construction site southeast of Sandy Shores (on the right of the map) and grab a beautiful yellow HVY Dump!

Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5
Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5

LCC Hexer

If you want to indulge yourself with a motorcycle like the LCC Hexer, you can find a whole bunch of them west of Sandy Shores, in the middle of all the trailers.

Nagasaki Coast Guard Blazer

Go to Vespucci Beach, just before the pontoon, to find several interesting vehicles on GTA V. You will find there, among other things, the Nagasaki Blazer Coast Guard, a Quad made for off-roading!

P-996 Laser

A true fighter aircraft, the P-996 Lazer can be found at the Fort Zancudo military complex. Be careful though, as soon as you enter or fly over the perimeter, you will immediately go to 4 stars and you will be chased! You will therefore have to be very fast (and very crazy) to succeed in taking it without dying.

Most of the time you can find them right in the military base hangars and sometimes on the tarmac.

park ranger

Are you interested in this Declasse 4×4? You can find it in multiple locations across GTA V and Online. With a bit of luck, you might stumble upon it on the different sides of Mount Chiliad.

You can also see it on the side of Paleto Bay or Grapeseed next to the local branches of the Sheriff's office. If you'd rather stay in the south, head to the Bolingbroke Jail side of Vinewood. She can be found in the Jail, or on the Letters side of Vinewood.

Pegassi Cow

To find the Pegassis Vacca in the story mode, you have several options. She appears at 3659 Wild Oats Drive in Vinewood down from the neighborhood where Franklin Clinton lives when you do the missions for Epsilon Program.

Otherwise, during the "Meltdown" mission, Devin Weston's Vacca is parked in front of the Oriental Theater on Vinewood Boulevard. You can also choose to buy it directly from Legendarymotorsport or Southernsanandreassuperautos for $240.

Quad Nagasaki Blazer

Several Quads are available in game. Most are around Sandy Shores, or slightly further south, under the biker service station (in front of the barn).

Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5
Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5
Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5

You can also find the Coast Guard version at Vespucci Beach.

Rat Loader

A small pickup with lots of style, anyone? Head over to Sandy Shores to hopefully find one!

Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5

Sand King XL

Very handy for off-road transport, the Sandking XL can be found in several places in the game. You can find it near Sandy Shores, or north of Vespucci Beach.


Fancy a little ride in your Yellow Submarine? You can find it very easily in two different locations, northeast and northwest of the map.

Space Docker

The Space Docker isn't the easiest vehicle to get in GTA V. Here's how to get it.

  • In story mode:
    • As Franklin, find Omega for the "Strangers and Cranks" quest. Collect all 50 ship parts and return to Omega to get the Space Docker for free.
  • Online:
    • Reach tier 500 in Arena Warfare, which is 1 Arena points.

Speedophile Seashark

For a little trip at sea (and in a rather classy way), you can find Speedophile Seasharks to the west of the map, near the beaches of Vespucci and Del Perro, but also further north.

Tractor (Rusty Tractor)

The Tractor is probably the worst vehicle in the game. This is obviously a great reason to seek it out. You can find it parked in front of the house near the Lighthouse of El Gordo in Catfish View, or more rarely near the farms on the side of the storage garages and the paths leading to the railway tracks.

Truffade adder

A rather famous sports coupe, the Truffade Adder is rarely found in play on Rockford Hills, or even parked in front of a house in Vinewood Hills.

Unmarked Cruiser (unmarked police car)

You can find several night police vehicles at the Strawberry Tube Station in the city center. Without certainty, the times when the unmarked car appears are between 22 p.m. and 4 a.m. approximately.

Other police vehicles (bicycle, van, etc.) can also be found at the same location.


Pegassi's Zentorno is probably the hottest sports car in GTA 5! And luckily for you, you can find it directly in-game.
So go to a small car park under one of the city center motorway exits to find it and enjoy this little gem!

Rare Vehicle Locations – GTA 5
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