Earn money on GTA 5

Earn money on GTA 5

Getting rich in GTA 5 is the dream of many gamers, but making money isn't always that easy. To help you increase your fortune, whether on GTA Online or on the story mode of GTA 5, take advantage of this guide. The best ways to make money legitimately and get rich in GTA 5 are explained there. The goal is to get you the most GTA$ in the least amount of time.

In this section: show 1 Getting rich in GTA Online 1.1 Linking your Prime Gaming account to Rockstar Social Club 1.2 Making money in GTA by investing 1.2.1 Investing in crime #1 – Theft and export of vehicles #2 – Production of drugs and fakes 1.3 Heists, profitable missions 1.3.1 Heists of the end of the world 1.3.2 Original robberies 1.3.3 Robbery of the Diamond casino 1.3.4 Robbery of Cayo Perico 2 Earning money on the GTA 5 story mode 2.1 Get rich by investing in the stock market on GTA 2.1.1 LCN and BAWSAQ 2.1.2 Buy stocks and make them profitable 2.1.3 Profitable missions in the stock market Room Service Group shooting Prostitute-killer Siouple tickets 2.1.4 The big jump 5 Another stock market trick on GTA XNUMX

Get rich in GTA Online

If you are a fan of the online version of Grand Theft Auto V, you have surely already been confronted with the lack of GTA$. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to get rich. You can even use bugs to achieve your goals! However, this is not exactly what we advise you to do. Because you will be much more profitable by investing or carrying out certain missions.

Link your Prime Gaming account to Rockstar Social Club

With Prime Gaming, if you link your Amazon and Twitch accounts to your Social Club account, you can regularly earn GTA$. Every month new bundles can be added, earning you up to GTA$400.000 per bundle. It is therefore a simple and practical solution!

GTA 5: Link your Twitch account to Rockstar Social Club for GTA$

Earn money on GTA by investing

Investment in GTA generally takes two forms. Either you invest in establishments with a criminal tendency, for missions and profitability. Either on the contrary you try to play the traders (which very often is just as criminal).

Invest in crime

Two investments can become profitable very quickly (not to mention those allowing robberies).

#1 – Theft and export of vehicles

The first concerns the theft and export of vehicles. If you have an Office and a Vehicle Warehouse (the minimum cost of which is GTA$1.000.000 and GTA$1.500.000 respectively), you have completed the first step. Now all you have to do is go to the SecuroServ tab in the interaction menu to become CEO of your own organization. Then, in your office, use your computer and select Vehicle Cargo and Source Vehicle.
A mission will launch, sending you to steal a vehicle. All you have to do is take it to the warehouse causing as little damage as possible and then export it using the warehouse laptop. A smooth delivery!

#2 – Production of drugs and fakes

The second solution begins with the purchase of Motorcycle Club HQ. Fairly inexpensive, it quickly becomes profitable. Once this acquisition has been made, you can have access to the production buildings. Counterfeit money, cannabis, false papers, methamphetamine and cocaine are now accessible to you, for long-term profitability. The best choice is to start with fake money and cannabis, the rest will come later! Remember to control your productions well so as not to lose money.

Location of the Motorcycle Club HQ.
Purchase of a counterfeit money factory.
Location of one of the counterfeit money factories.
Operation of a counterfeit money factory.

Other desks are worth buying, especially for heists, but we'll get to that later.

Robberies, profitable missions

No surprise here. A robbery is a robbery. You need a team and you can take on big chests full of money. It requires a basic investment, but it is also a big source of income.

Doomsday robberies

For this heist, you first need 1, 2 or 3 other players. Then you need a complex (like the one to the north) and be CEO or VIP, or President of the motorcycle club. Then go to the planning room of your complex to choose your first heist. There is therefore a strong basic investment, which becomes profitable over time. You can find more details on the price of the preparation missions here.

You can purchase this Complex from GTA Online.

Complete the preparation and configuration missions to finally access the final heist. The more seriously you take your work, the more profitable it is. Unfortunately, this can sometimes take a while, especially if you're having trouble communicating with your fellow gamers.

Original heists

This time, no complex! All you need is “only” a top-of-the-range apartment, with a minimum value of GTA$200.000. With a few playmates (ideally 2 or 3), choose a heist from the planning room, pay the initial cost, then complete the setup missions with your allies. All you have to do then is complete the robbery itself. Simpler than robberies, they are still profitable.

Diamond Casino Robbery

Your first investment for this heist is an arcade, worth at least GTA$1.200.000. You can perform it as a duo, trio or quartet. To launch it, you must be a SecuroServ VIP or CEO and then start the heist from the arcade's planning board.

You will have to explore the casino and then steal the safe. Three solutions are possible to complete the heist. You will also need to take care of the preparation missions.

Cayo Perico Robbery

If you want an ultra-profitable heist, this is the one for you! However, this represents a high investment.

Start by going to the Music Locker in the casino to meet Miguel Madrazopar. Then buy the Kosatka submarine worth GTA$2.200.000. As with the others, you need to be a VIP or CEO to start this heist. Once in the submarine, head for the planning board.

You will have to gather information on the island, accomplish preparation missions. And only then do the heist. With a good team, you can do it all in about an hour.

Do not hesitate to repeat the burglary several times in a row. It will seem more and more simple to you, but still just as profitable.

Earn money in the story mode of GTA 5

To earn money on the story mode of GTA 5, in addition to the various quests, races and the like, there are solutions. And the simplest of them is stock market investing.

Get rich by investing in the stock market on GTA

Rest assured ! You don't have to be a seasoned trader for this to be profitable. You just have to rely on the course of the game's history to invest at the right time. You have two tools to perform these actions. To access it, simply take out your in-game phone and go to the “Money and Services” tab.


The first stock exchange site is LCN. It is interesting because it is only impacted by the progress of your game. The other players do not influence him. However, your missions and the deeds you perform in your game in Los Santos determine the stock price.

BAWSAQ is the second. Unlike LCN, the actions of all players logged into the Rockstar Social Club directly impact its price. For example, if a lot of players buy weapons, the stock price Ammu-nation will soar.

The only thing to watch out for is the Max/Low Bet margin, or potential margin. If a stock is at 10 GTA$ (low bet), its max bet is 100 GTA$, this means that you can multiply your investment by 10.

Buy stocks and make them profitable

Public chat LCN, you can make capital gains on the stock market thanks to in-game shares. Some examples:

  • ARK (Animal Ark) is a site specializing in animals. All you have to do is kill as many animals as possible at Mount Chiliad to lower its price. Then, buy the shares, let several days pass in game while sleeping, and resell them! It's not very glorious, but it works.
  • AUG (AnguryInsurance) is car insurance. Destroy as many vehicles of the people of Los Santos as possible, then invest in low-cost stocks. Your investment will quickly become very profitable! Feel free to sleep in-game and save to advance time.

You can also have fun destroying warehouses to skyrocket the stock price of direct competitors, for example!

Profitable missions on the stock market

For larger companies, the investment is more complex because the evolution is slower. However, some missions allow you to directly influence the stock market price. It is the assassination missions that are mainly affected.

small tip : Use saves and the ability to sleep in-game to advance time.

Room Service

This is Lester's very first assassination mission in the GTA story mode. The project is as follows:

  • Invest in the stock BET (Betta Pharmaceuticals) on BAWSAQ with two or three story mode characters.
  • Complete the assassination mission then wait 18 hours in-game (so you can sleep and save for time to advance).
  • Once the assassination is announced on the radio, return to BAWSAQ only to find that your actions have taken an 80% bonus. Now is the perfect time to sell!
Group shot

For the mission Group shot, It's certain LCN that it happens.

  • Invest your savings in DEB ( Debonnaire) with two or three story mode characters.
  • Complete the mission then wait 18 hours in game then resell your shares.
  • As soon as your actions DEB are sold, invest everything in the stock RWC (Redwood).
  • Wait 3 days in-game to sell your shares.

Return on BAWSAQ to invest in the stock FRT (Fruit).

  • Complete the mission then resell your shares after 18 hours.
  • Then immediately invest all your savings in the action FAC (Facades) then wait 48 hours to resell your shares with an attractive gain.
Tickets sold out

First start with complete the mission. Then, still on BAWSAQ, invest in the stock VAP (Vapid). Resell everything after 48 hours in game.

The big jump

Before the start of the mission, invest in the action GCD (Gold Coast). Then, once the mission is over, sell your shares after 24 hours when the price takes off.

Another trading trick on GTA 5

Once you already have a certain amount of GTA$, more investment opportunities will open up for you. A good way to always earn more money on the story mode of GTA 5.

  • With Michael, buy the maximum number of shares LFI (Life Invader) that you can on LCN.
  • Then switch to Franklin and also buy all the shares LFI possible.
  • Go back to Michael and sell all your shares LFI whose course must have been modified by the first operations.
  • With Franklin, perform the same action. Then, go back to Michael to start buying all the shares again LFI.

By changing characters with each purchase/sale, you can fluctuate the rate of actions and therefore continuously earn money. It does, however, require some basic investment to make it work.

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Earn money on GTA 5
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