GTA VI, a release date scheduled for 2023?

GTA VI, a release date scheduled for 2023?

What if GTA VI, the new installment in the legendary Rockstar Games saga, already had a release date scheduled for the fiscal year 2023-2024? This is what people in the video game industry like Jeff Grubb (source in English) think following the publication of figures by Take-Two (the group that owns Rockstar Games).

Significant advertising spending in 2023 for the group

Indeed, Take Two's financial report anticipates significant advertising expenditure during the fiscal year 2024 (from April 2023 to March 2024), a peak never seen in the group since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on consoles... Thus , many analysts believe that this figure relates to another huge release of the group: the new GTA VI.

GTA VI a release date for 2023?

This period of the fiscal year 2024 for a GTA VI release is not really surprising for several reasons. First of all, the new console generation will start at the end of 2020, pushing a transition between the old and the new generation over at least 1-2 years. Developing a game of the importance of GTA VI requires a major return on investment for Take Two, who must probably prefer to release their game when the majority of players have a new console…

In addition, GTA V is still a commercial success although available since 2013 on console. The Online mode drives the group's sales and the game remains very popular on PC. Thus, rushing the release of a new opus would come to cut this last phase of life of GTA V.

Finally, Rockstar Games could delay the release of GTA VI a little with the release of a remastered opus of previous adventures, a way to keep fans of the series waiting. A game like GTA III could totally benefit from such work, creating a transition phase between the release of V and VI.

Therefore, this information seems to confirm the various analyzes around the release date of GTA VI around 2023.

Here is the latest information regarding the release date of GTA VI. The Rockstar Games game could therefore be released during the fiscal year 2024 (between April 2023 and March 2024).

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