GTA VI, rumors, leaks and release date

GTA VI, rumors, leaks and release date

Find here the latest news, rumors and leaks concerning the release date of the new GTA VI (or GTA 6 for some), the new opus of the legendary saga of Grand Theft Auto. Note that for the moment, all of the content presented here is based on rumors, speculations and analyzes by members of the video game community. Thus, we try to relay only information that seems credible, but nothing is guaranteed.

Update : Updated from Friday, February 4 at 16 p.m. Although Rockstar has already mentioned several times in the past that its teams are working on GTA VI, the studio has released an official press release confirming that the development of the game is underway. This could simply mark the passage of a step in the process of creating the game internally.

Rockstar confirms again that GTA VI is indeed in development

While the CEO of the group had mentioned almost two years ago that teams were already working on GTA VI, the studio wanted to publish an official press release on Friday February 4. This communication could mark a step in the development process of the game, potentially the deployment of a first internal Alpha version or the arrival of the majority of the development team on the project.

The presence of GTA VI during the PlayStation Showcase on September 9?

While other rumors point to an exclusive on Xbox, some people believe that the PlayStation Showcase on Thursday, September 9 would include a first teaser of GTA VI. On our side, our expectations are much lower with potentially a first announcement of remasters on the Japanese console…

You can follow the PlayStation Showcase on Sony's official youtube stream.

Remasters of previous GTAs long before the release of GTA VI?

This is the new popular rumor on the side of Rockstar and the GTA franchise: rather than developing GTA VI thoroughly, the studio would have preferred to work on a series of remasters of its previous opuses. So, as we anticipated over a year ago, it looks like the group has been working on GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas for release later this year for the first installment.

Indeed, the Kotaku site (source in English) evokes a release for the end of the year 2021 with in particular the presence of these titles on the Nintendo Switch. Thus, without further details, it is difficult to say if these games will be released in HD version on all current media or if they are only ports on Switch…

The latest buzzword: a release in 2024-2025

Indeed, according to Tom Henderson (a specialist and youtuber who has published proven leaks on AAA in the past), GTA VI would not be released before at least 2024 if not in 2025. For more information at this subject, you can find our article dedicated to this info.

What we know about GTA VI

Find here the information confirmed by the studio or whose sources are credible and verified.

The game is well developed

At the moment, information regarding GTA VI is quite limited. Rockstar, the studio responsible for the franchise, has confirmed that its teams are already working on a new opus.

In addition, the title's presence on next-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X) has also been confirmed. In addition, significant advertising expenditure in 2023 has been recorded in the financial report of Take Two (owner of Rockstar Games) since last year.

From then on, everything seems to indicate that the next opus will see the light of day in the years to follow, but without more precision concerning the single player mode, the chosen city or even the name of the next game.

New technologies are used for GTA VI

According to multiple sources and reports, Rockstar has released a patent for new NPC movement and behavior technology. Thus, if the name GTA VI is not directly cited in this patent, the details seem to concern an open world where non-player characters interact more naturally with players.

GTA VI a release date for 2023?

As mentioned above, the advertising expenditure forecast in 2023 seems to correspond to the release of the new game. This period of the fiscal year 2024 for a release of GTA VI is not really surprising for several reasons. First of all, the new console generation will start at the end of 2020, pushing a transition between the old and the new generation over at least 1-2 years. Developing a game of the importance of GTA VI requires a major return on investment for Take Two, who must probably prefer to release their game when the majority of players have a new console…

In addition, GTA V is still a commercial success although available since 2013 on console. The Online mode drives the group's sales and the game remains very popular on PC. Thus, rushing the release of a new opus would come to cut this last phase of life of GTA V.

Finally, the delayed release of GTA V on new consoles gives Rockstar Games a bit more time to delay the release of GTA VI.

Therefore, this information seems to confirm the various analyzes around the release date of GTA VI around 2023.

Find the latest rumors, leaks and news about the release date of GTA VI. For the moment, it seems that the Rockstar Games game could be released during the fiscal year 2024 (between April 2023 and March 2024).

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