God of War Ragnarök: Find the Artifacts, list and location

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As in 2018, Kratos and Atreus will be able to find Artifacts during their adventures in God of War Ragnarök. These allow you to always learn a little more about the different kingdoms of Yggdrasil. In total, 38 artifacts are scattered in this world, allowing to expand the knowledge of the god of war.

Once again, these objects can be spotted from a distance by the faint purple glow they emit. They can, however, be different in shape and size, making them a bit more difficult to discern. When they are found, all you have to do is approach and interact with them to pick them up.

For each area of ​​the game, you will find the list of all the Artifacts, as well as a description of the location where to find them. Note that they are not necessarily all to be found during your first visit to an area.

List and location of Artifacts

The images for all the Artifacts are coming little by little, a little patience!


Aurvangar Wetlands

On the beach, freeze the geysers with the ax and cross. Start again with the geyser next to it to reach the high platform and find the corpse.

Aurvangar Wetlands

Following the main story, after freezing a geyser and riding an elevator, the artifact is placed on a table.

The Core

When arriving in the area from Sindri's forge, use the hook point on the left to descend on the ledge. The artifact is behind the stones to be destroyed.

The Core

After fighting the boss of the area, Miklimunnr, take the tunnel while crouching. Climb the path on the right, and descend after the door. By shooting an arrow at the sound stone, the artifact is revealed.

The Core

Cross the pontoon above the mine to squeeze through a narrow gap and enter a new area. Take the wooden door at the top of the area, before climbing to the left ledge to find the artifact.

Jarnsmida Mines

Arriving in the mines, descend in a straight line until you find a chain.

Jarnsmida Mines

On the plateau before reaching Le Trognon, go behind the mechanisms on the right until you see an explosive jar. Pull the water supply to Kratos with the Blades of Chaos and intercept the stone block. Once there, throw the Leviathan Ax to reach the other side of the mines and find the artifact below.


With the sound arrows, go to the right of the boat at the port of Niðavellir to destroy the sound stone.


Enter the sewers next to Sindri and go left. At the end of the path, after breaking the barrels, the artifact is on the ground.


Use the teleport point to Niðavellir Beach before taking the hill shortcut to La Forge. Exit to the right before climbing the first wall on the left and down. The artifact is behind a wooden crate.

Lyngbakr Island

Go to the watchtower to summon the Lyngbakr and change the layout of the island. The artifact is at the top of the latter more easily accessible thanks to this modification.


Le Strand

Go through the cave before descending to the ledge opposite. There is the artifact and a chest.

Le Strand

Following the path, Kratos finds himself facing a rock that he must lift. Once cleared, take the right path to find a new artifact and a chest.

Temple of Light

At the entrance to the temple, climb the spiral staircase and climb on the right ledge to locate the artifact.

Temple of Light

In the room where there is a wooden wheel, use it before going back up to find the artifact after an arch.

scorched land

To the northeast of the area, inside the dragon skull, climb the back wall.


Once the elven substances have been destroyed, go back to take the passage that has opened up and find the artifact.

The forbidden sands

From the entrance to the area, go straight to the right to find a structure surrounded by Elven substance. Burn the brambles to climb a structure and find the artifact.

The forbidden sands

To the right of the Elf Sanctuary door.

The forbidden sands

From the library, walk along the right wall to find a wall to climb which leads to a wall to destroy. Starting again on the right, a narrow passage is revealed, behind which the artifact hides.


Southern Marches

Climb and jump to the tower in the middle in the poison bag area. The ground can be broken to find the artifact.

Camp de Freyr

From Mystical Access to Freyr's Camp, the Artifact is visible and obtainable.

Jardin de Noatún

Just before a wall to climb, on the right side of the garden.

foggy parade

From the second beach in the area, go up and cross the cave until you come to a hostile flower. Below her is a palisade that can be destroyed and behind which the artifact rests.

river delta

Behind the mystical access of the River Delta, a little to the right.

river delta

Leaving from the Pilgrim's Quay by boat, take the passage to the east opposite. Moor under the roots to find a cave and the artifact.

La jungle

This artifact requires waiting until nightfall to be found.

Southwest of the Crater, take the tunnel to the jungle to find the artifact near a corpse after a climbing session.

The sinkholes

After defeating Rockjaw, go to the far left of the arena to burn red brambles and reveal a narrow passage. On the other side, climb the stairs to get an artifact.


Shore of the Nine

From the mystical access to the Lake of Nine, walk along the left wall to find a hook on one of the Gates of the Kingdom. The artifact is on the other side of the attachment point.


Pull the chains to reveal a staircase to take to find a chest, and the artifact on the other side of the low wall.


From the starting area, climb the created wall to find the artifact.

abandoned outpost

At the place where there is a central pylon, climb on the ledge on the right and use the chain to reveal a point of attachment. Use it before going down to the right of the new platform and find the artifact.

Lake of Nine

Destroy the ice wall behind the smoldering golden helmet to reveal the artifact.

Lake of Nine

Go around the Temple of Týr until you reach under the bridge. The artifact is on a corpse.

Lake of Nine

From the elevator leading to the bridge of the Temple of Týr, go straight ahead towards a hill with stone stairs. The artifact is at the top.

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