God of War Ragnarok: Find Odin's Ravens List and Location

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Odin's Ravens are making a comeback in God of War Ragnarok, but this time they'll award more than just experience. Finding the 48 Crows allows you to open the 6 legendary chests located in Niflheim, giving you access to the complete Crows' Tears armor set, but also to runic attacks.

Ravens may be green, but they are usually hidden in the environment and quite difficult to find. However, like real crows, they can't help but caw, which will be helpful in spotting which area they're hiding in. Once spotted, a good ax and you can move on.

For each area of ​​the game, you will find the list of all the Ravens, as well as a description of the location where to find them. Note that they are not necessarily all to be found during your first visit to an area.

Ravens Rewards

Number of RavensReward
6 RavensProtection (Size) – Crows Tears
12 RavensProtection (Wristbands) – Crows Tears
18 RavensProtection (Torso) – Tears of Crows
28 RavensBreath of Thamur – Powerful Runic Attack Ax Leviathan
38 RavensLightning Strike – Powerful Runic Attack Blades of Chaos
48 RavensFinger of Ruin – Powerful Runic Attack Lance Draupnir

List and location of Odin's Ravens

The images for all Ravens are coming little by little, a little patience!


Aurvangar Wetlands

When you arrive in the area, look up to the left.


On the roof of a building, in front of the statue of Odin.


In the center of Draugar's Well, look south.

Tour de Radsvinn

On the left when entering the area.

Tour d’Althjof

After arriving at the pontoon, go up with the chain and look behind the wooden wall.

Ile du Lyngbakr

After freeing the second fin, open the door to the left with a bomb, then go back with another bomb. On the right you will find a large deposit of gold to explode. Le Corbeau is after the narrow passage on the left.


Straight ahead of you on arrival.


Available on the second pass through the area, later in the scenario. At the exit of the small tunnel, on a cliff in front of you.

Jarnsmida Mines

Visible after defeating the second train.

The Core

After solving the water wheel puzzle, go left past the large wooden door.

Cross of Alberich

Behind the golden debris

Ile d'Alberich

Climb to the heights and take the path to the right. The Raven is behind the debris.

Ile d'Alberich

After grappling across the bay, grab the second grapple to get to a small island. The Raven is on the cliff, between the rocks.


Le Strand

In a tree to the left after Tyr sees the Temple of Light.

Temple of Light

After some stairs going to the right, you will find an area to go down. Follow the path and you'll see the Raven behind a metal door, unlocked by bouncing the axe.

Temple of Light

After a fight against some Elves, the Raven is on a balcony in front of the stairs.

The Canyons

After clearing the Dark Elf substances, climb the wall to the right. The Raven flies past you.

Scorched Lands

In the eye of the big monster skeleton.

Scorched Lands

Northwest of the area, next to a ruined building.

Forbidden Sands

To the northwest at the entrance to the area, the crow flies above a statue.

Forbidden Sands

To the right of the entrance, perched on a large rock.

Forbidden Sands

To the very west of the Zone, you will find a climbing area. The Raven is behind the statue.

Forbidden Sands

In front of the entrance to the Elven Library to the east, there is an area to be broken on the ground. It unlocks a narrow passage for an area where the Raven is.


Southern Marches

Upon entering the realm, after passing through the arch, a Raven circles above Kratos.

Camp de Freyr

Coming from the west of Barri Woods, halfway through the passage, a Crow is visible through the roots.

river delta

At the Quai du Pilgrim, climb the ledge to cross the bridges. On the other side, by standing next to the chest, the Raven can be targeted with the axe.

river delta

From Misty Defile Beach, head through the cave to find a chain to drop down to and deal with the Raven.

foggy parade

Once the boat ride is complete in the river, the Raven can be found behind the god of war high above, perched on a rock.

Goddess Falls

After mooring, climb the wall opposite the beach to gain height. Use the hook point to cross, and throw the ax at the flying Raven.

East Barri Wood

On the main road, a rock can be destroyed using a spear. Upon entering the hole, a Raven waits high up, just behind the hero.

abandoned village

Just after using the zipline from the village, head to the right to see the Raven perched on a tree a little further.


From the mystical access to the western Plains, go to the right and follow the path. Before descending, flip the camera to find the Crow hopping below.


From the mystical access to the western Plains, descend to the left towards the frozen lightning. The Raven is perched on a rock on the way.


From the mystical access to the western Plains, follow the path to Brok's workshop. In front of him, a Raven waits, sitting on the edge of the cliff.


After defeating the Crimson Fear in his arena, the Raven finds himself northwest of it, in a crater.


From the mystical access to the western Plains, turn around in a northerly direction. Going down, do not use the grappling hook in order to see the Raven below.


From the mystical access at the entrance to the jungle, move forward to see the Raven on the other side of the chasm. You have to complete the favor Back from the river to find a usable boat. Go to the left and cross the tunnel before mooring. The Raven is in the same place as the ogres.



As soon as Kratos sets foot in Helgrind, a Raven flies above the god of war.


After finishing with the wolf, one last door and one last puzzle await. Behind, perched high up, is a Raven.


Lake of Nine

Take the path northeast of the Temple of Tyr. By taking the right part, Kratos is faced with giant doors where the Raven is located.

Lake of Nine

To the south of the temple of Tyr, the ice shelters a cave in which it is possible to enter to unearth the Raven.

abandoned outpost

From the western entrance to Lac des Neuf, take the narrow path leading away from it to find a ledge. Passing behind, the Raven can be found perched on a wrecked boat.

abandoned outpost

On top of a mechanism, inside the ruins, a Raven is perched.


After fighting the prowler, take the chain to the right to find the Raven on the cliff above.

Well of Urð

Follow the path northwest of the Lake of Nine to the end to come across a chest of the Norns and a narrow passage. Climb the wall on the other side, and keep to the left to avoid the top. Once on the ground, the Raven is in height a little further.


burning cliffs

From the mystical access, go down and take the path to the right. In the chest room, go to the right to find the Raven in a breach.

Surtr's Forge

At the end of the cutscene with Surtr, the Raven is directly in front of Kratos.

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