FIFA 22 TOTW 31 Team of the Week Cards

FIFA 22 TOTW 31 Team of the Week Cards

Here is the list of players who make up the new Team of the Week, the TOTW 31 for FUT on the new FIFA 22. As usual, the selection is made by EA based on the results of the league matches of the past week. As a reminder, the different cards will be lootable in the Packs from 19 p.m. until next Wednesday.

TOTW 31 Players, Team of the Week

🔥 Haaland, Kimmich, Ronaldo 👌

Team of Week 31 is available in #FUT 🎮⚽!#FIFA22 #FUT22

— EA FIFA France (@EA_FIFA_France) April 20, 2022

You can find the full TOTW 31 Futhead team.

Among the players selected to get new TOTW cards on FIFA 22 are players from all walks of life, with obviously a small batch of Silver cards at the end. Among the best cards we will notably distinguish Ronaldo, Kimmich or even Martinez among the players selected by EA. In particular, you can find our predictions on our TOTW 31 article.

The featured card (Featured TOTW) of the week is none other than: Kalulu from AC Milan.

As a reminder, the cards for the TOTW team of the week on FIFA 22 will be revealed every Wednesday at 19 p.m.

How to get TOTW cards?

TOTW cards are often interesting at high level but also for DCEs as well as to achieve specific objectives in friendly match mode. Therefore, even on players whose overall rating would be quite low, it is necessary to know how to get these TOTW cards on FIFA 22.

The first source is obviously the transfer market, where you can find a player's TOTW cards in special versions of their cards. Be careful, however, because the IF cards sell for much more than the basic version.

A second source remains the Game Gold Packs, which have these special cards for one week (from Wednesday to the following Wednesday at 19 p.m.). So be careful because once this week is over, it will be impossible to drop them in packs.

Additionally, Team of the Week cards are obtained by FUT Champion reward (WL) depending on your ranking. Note that this year, the rewards are obtained at the end of your 20 matches or on Monday morning, from then on you will receive packs containing cards from the current TOTW. The TOTW premium pack contains tradeable cards while the player picks do not.

Additionally, the elite division in Rivals also awards a TOTW Players Choice Pack every Thursday morning. This card is non-exchangeable.

Finally, TOTW specific packs will be present during the season in DCE, although the latter are often not very profitable because they are totally random.

Here's our TOTW 31 Team of the Week list for FIFA 22. You can find all the news, DCE solutions and tips on the FIFA portal at

FIFA 22 TOTW 31 Team of the Week Cards
The list of all our solutions for active DCEs on FIFA 22.
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