FIFA 22 release date leak?

FIFA 22 release date leak?

While we are still waiting for an official announcement concerning the reveal of the game, a fairly credible leak (source in English) has just announced a full release date for FIFA. According to the source, EA's football game will be released on Friday, September 24! In addition, the info is even more precise since it also mentions the availability of the app and the pre-ordered version.

FIFA 22 release date

According to this leak, the release date of FIFA 22 would therefore be scheduled for Friday, September 24. This date is not very surprising and corresponds to our expectations. In addition, the source mentions a release date for the app for September 15 and the pre-ordered version on Tuesday September 21. We would therefore be about 11 weeks away from the release of FIFA 22!

However, these dates seem credible since they correspond to the traditional pattern of release of the various opuses of FIFA. Taking into account that the covid period only affected FIFA 21, a return with a release in the third week of September seems to be in line.

When is an official announcement?

If we are to believe the latest rumors, EA should unveil a reveal of FIFA 22 very quickly. This reveal (usually a long trailer) should notably mention the release date of FIFA 22 as well as the star on the cover of the game. events with the Euro and the Copa America, potentially plays on the timing of the mid-July announcement for EA.

We therefore expect information by the end of the week or even the following week, before EA's summer conference on July 22.

So much for the latest information on a leak of the release date of the next FIFA 22. While waiting for the release of EA's new football game, you can find all the news and our FIFA 21 guides on

FIFA 22 release date leak?
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FIFA 22 release date leak?
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