FIFA 22 our examples of cheap Starter team OP on FUT

FIFA 22 our examples of cheap Starter team OP on FUT

Here are some examples of OP and inexpensive Starter team for the FUT mode of FIFA 22. During the first weeks of FUT, it is important to invest well to create a starter team capable of evolving towards your first advanced formation (about 1 million credits). Thus, our examples present squads mixing several major leagues and nations, in order to easily add new players. The idea will therefore be to progress this first eleven quite naturally according to your future investments.

Note that this composition includes:

  • Players as much as possible Meta
  • Inexpensive players if possible (prices may fluctuate)
  • Full cards, where the overall rating is less important than the specific values ​​and total points
  • The possibility of developing the team quite easily
  • A collective score close to 100

Players for a good FUT starter team on FIFA 22

There isn't really a perfect starter team since generally, you will get interesting cards as soon as you open your first packs. These cards will influence your choices and your training. Thus, it is more interesting to evoke the profile of the good cards.

What does a good Meta card look like?

We offer you a complete guide detailing all the elements to take into account to simply and effectively evaluate a Meta card. This is just a sort of summary, feel free to check out this guide for more information on this.

A good Meta card on the launch of FUT 22 must have:

  • Good speed (acceleration and speed)
  • Complete stats for his position (shooting / dribbling for a BU, Physics and Defense for a DC for example)
  • The positions should not be too exotic either, in order to evolve on fairly classic formations
  • An interesting return for the position (High/High for a CM, Low/High for a DC)
  • A correct star level depending on his role (3-4 stars for an attacker on both values, 3 stars for a weak foot in defense)

Our examples of Starter Team OP for FUT

We would like to remind you that all its formations are examples of Starter Team to start well on the FUT mode of FIFA 22. Depending on the period (before the official launch of the game, or two weeks after), the prices could change as well as the card interest. Also, it all depends on your luck in your early packs, a big card will surely force you to build a team around it. So use these formations as examples to build your own XI.

Our different examples related to leagues:

  • Starter Team Ligue 1
  • Starter Team Premier League
  • La Liga Starter Team
  • Starter Team Serie A
  • Starter Team Bundesliga
  • Starter Team Eredivisie
  • Starter Team Liga NOS

A first example of a FUT Starter Team

An example of a Starter team on FUT.

Note here, the use of three different leagues, with the possibility then of switching to a formation with more French or Premier League players.

Another example of a FUT Starter Team

Another example of a Starter Team with a Bundesliga base.

Here we find a majority of Bundesliga players with also links via American nationality. Ideal for playing 4-4-2 or even 4-2-2-2.

An all-single-league formation

A formation entirely made up of players from the Liga NOS (Portugal).

An example here to demonstrate that it is possible to obtain a Meta and Starter Team formation using only one league. The Liga NOS (Portugal), the Bundesliga or the Eredivisie (Netherlands) are recommended for this kind of exercise.

So much for our examples of OP starter team and cheap for the FUT mode of FIFA 22. Once again, our guide mainly offers examples and leads to help you design your own team to start well on FUT this year. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the DCE solutions as well as advice for investing, creating your starter team but also following the news and TOTWs of the game.

FIFA 22 our examples of cheap Starter team OP on FUT
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