FIFA 22, no demo before the release?

FIFA 22, no demo before the release?

While FIFA 22 will be available by the end of the month, it looks like EA won't be posting a demo before the game's release. players had been able to test the new FIFA for free a few weeks before its release. Therefore, even if you have to take into account the problems linked to the pandemic (the demo having been canceled last year), the rules seem to be changing in the world of video games!

No free demo for FIFA 22?

It is therefore quite a revolution for FIFA 22 since the game should not benefit from a free demo before its release. Fans will therefore have to trust EA's promises concerning the new game or else wait for the feedback from the first users at the end of September... A situation that is not necessarily ideal, but which could allow eFootball to win over some fans. Indeed, the new Konami game replacing PES will be available for free on September 30, just before FIFA 22.

Note that in addition to that, the Beta phase of FIFA 22 has been very limited and that the publication of gameplay has also been reduced to very few images by EA. This lack of information therefore creates a somewhat complicated situation for FIFA fans, but especially for those hesitant to buy the new opus of the franchise.

FIFA 22 release date

So FIFA 22 release date has been officially announced, so the football game will be released on October 1st. An early release date will be offered as early as September 27. The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and PS5. Note that the game will be available on the EA Play Pro, allowing early access to FIFA 22.

There will therefore be no demo version for FIFA 22, the new game from EA. While waiting for the release of EA's new football game, you can find all the news and our FIFA 21 guides on

FIFA 22, no demo before the release?
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FIFA 22, no demo before the release?
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