FIFA 22, DCE FUT Solution Posters UEFA

FIFA 22, DCE FUT Solution Posters UEFA

A classic in FUT mode, the UEFA Poster Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is a regular challenge on FIFA 22, here is the solution. The latter highlights the big matches of the Champions League with generally not very expensive challenges. The ideal DCE to get packs quite easily and even earn credits!

Update : Updated from Tuesday, May 3. This article will be kept updated whenever DCE is back with new cheap solutions.

Note that this challenge begins on Tuesday May 3 at 19 p.m. and lasts a full week, ending on Tuesday May 10 at 19 p.m. In addition to the rewards obtained for completing each challenge, you will also obtain an additional Electrum Rare Players Pack by completing all the challenges of this DCE.

Should I do this DCE?

Overall, FUT's UEFA Poster DCEs are still pretty profitable DCEs and this one once again confirms that trend. However, be careful not to do this DCE immediately when it comes out, the prices being quite high on Tuesday evening. Our solution for the UEFA Poster DCE allows you to complete all the challenges for around 20k credits.

  • Recommendation: Yes
  • Possible credit gain? Yes

Défi Villarreal vs Liverpool

  • Liverpool or Villarreal players: Minimum 1
  • Different leagues: Minimum 3
  • Different clubs: Minimum 5
  • Rare Cards: Minimum 1
  • Overall Team Rating: 79
  • Collective: Minimum 75
  • Reward: a Premium Mixed Players Pack
  • End of the challenge: Tuesday, May 10 at 19 p.m.
  • Price: 12k
Our solution for the DCE Liverpool vs Villarreal

Défi Manchester City vs Real Madrid

  • Man City Players: Minimum 1
  • Real Madrid Players: Minimum 1
  • Different nations: Minimum 4
  • Rare Cards: Minimum 2
  • Overall Team Rating: 81
  • Collective: Minimum 80
  • Reward: A Small Rare Gold Players Pack
  • End of the challenge: Tuesday, May 10 at 19 p.m.
  • Price: around 15k
Our solution for the DCE Man City vs Real Madrid

Our solutions for the UEFA Poster DCE were made on FUTBIN's team builder.

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to carry out these DCEs at the cheapest possible price without having the cards. It is obviously possible to complete these challenges with other cards. Also be careful because the overall cost of these solutions can change (down or up) over time.

You can find the complete list of the different live DCEs for the FUT mode of FIFA 22 on our list of active Squad Building Challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

FIFA 22, DCE FUT Solution Posters UEFA
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