FIFA 22, date and list of rewards for exchange icons 1

FIFA 22, date and list of rewards for exchange icons 1

Icon exchanges are back with season 1 of this event, discover the list of players, reward packs and the start date of this event in FIFA 22 FUT mode. As a reminder, icon exchanges are regular objectives on FUT, allowing to obtain icon cards in exchange for tokens obtained via objectives. We list here all the rewards of this first season of Icons swaps as well as some advice for choosing the right players and packs.

Note that only the first part of the icon exchange event 1 (only 9 tokens) is present at launch, you will have to wait for the second part to obtain the other tokens.

List of players and rewards exchanges icons 1

We have already known for a few days that among this first part of the 1 icon exchanges, you will have to play with a 100% Silver team, a challenge with a 100% Brazil team, a 100% Argentina formation as well as a league team from Eredivisie. These matches will normally be played in Team Clash or even Rivals, while other objectives should be related to Rivals mode or even FUT Champions.

In addition, a list of rewards has already leaked:

  • One 81+ x 25 pack for 2 tokens
  • One 82+ x 25 pack for 3 tokens
  • One 83+ x 25 pack for 5 tokens
  • Mid Casillas for 6 tokens
  • Mid Ferdinand for 7 tokens
  • Base or Mid Icon Pack for 8 tokens
  • Overmars bounty for 9 tokens
  • Mid Icon Pack for 10 Tokens
  • Mid Desailly for 11 tokens
  • Del Piero base for 12 tokens
  • Mid 89+ Icon Pack for 14 tokens
  • Base or Mid player choice pack for 14 tokens
  • Zambrotta bonus for 14 tokens
  • Mid or Prime Icon Pack for 16 tokens
  • Base, Mid or Prime player choice pack for 17 tokens
  • Mid Rooney for 17 chips

As a reminder, there will only be 9 tokens available on Wednesday December 15 at 19 p.m. You'll probably have to wait until late January or early February to get the extra 9 tokens.

Trading Tips Icons 1

First of all, you should already have a 100% Argentina, Brazil and Eredivisie roster or roster base following recent goals on FUT. Otherwise, it is possible to obtain good Dutch league cards via Foundation objectives. In addition, DCEs like David Neres can make your job easier since the latter is Brazilian and plays for Ajax. However, it will not be possible to form a 100% Brazilian Eredivisie team.

Which rewards to choose?

On FIFA 21, the best rewards were usually 80+ x 25 Card Packs as well as Icon Player Picks. It all depends on the timing of the opening and your needs. If your formation is still a bit weak, opening card packs during a good event could completely change the dynamic of your team. Better, perfect timing is usually a week where a good TOTW is in the packs as well as a good promo team.

As for the icon choices, these are expensive for potentially having to choose between several not-so-great cards. However, they are generally more profitable than a choice on a specific player since few cards are really interesting this season. In addition, you will have to wait several weeks to get the second part of the chips for the best cards, further decreasing the interest of each card.

So, save your 80+ x 25 packs for big events, like TOTY in January, and choose icons only if you plan to use them long term.

Trade Date Icons 1

The first part of the exchange icons 1 (9 tokens) begins on Wednesday, December 15 at 19 p.m. This first part should last six weeks, before the objectives change with the arrival of the second part. Other icon exchange events will follow during the season until the release of FIFA 23.

That's it for info on 1 icon swaps including start date, objectives and rewards for FIFA 22 FUT mode. You can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on

FIFA 22, date and list of rewards for exchange icons 1
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