FIFA 21, TOTW 19 predictions for the team of the week

FIFA 21, TOTW 19 predictions for the team of the week

New week and new predictions for the FIFA 19 TOTW 21 Team of the Week. As usual, EA will offer new IF cards based on the results of the best players from the past week. We therefore present to you our predictions for the new cards which will be available in the packs from Wednesday at 19 p.m.

The gardians 

Jean Louis Leca, RC Lens, Ligue 1

Very good performance for Jean Louis Leca last weekend since the RC Lens goalkeeper made eight saves in his club's narrow victory against Montpellier.

Yassine Bounou, Sevilla FC, LaLiga

Few notable performances in the Spanish league this week but Yassine Bounou's match did not leave us indifferent. The goalkeeper returned a perfect sheet with several saves and no goals conceded for Sevilla FC.

Defender Predictions

David Luiz, Arsenal, Premier League

Although the score was goalless, we believe that EA could use the excitement around the Manchester United derby against Arsenal to select a player in the TOTW. However, the man of the match is none other than the Brazilian veteran David Luiz, author of an excellent meeting.

Marius Wolf, Cologne, Bundesliga

Cologne full-back Marius Wolf had a great game last weekend, scoring twice in his club's 3-1 victory.


Thomas Delaney, Dortmund, Bundesliga

Listed as a central defender a few months ago, Thomas Delaney could get a new special card, but this time as a defensive midfielder. The Danish player scored a goal in Borussia's 3-1 win. 

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, Lazio Rome, Serie A

Suffice to say right away, few midfielders really stood out last week. Thus, we opted for a somewhat controversial choice in the person of SMS. The Lazio player had a great game despite no goals or assists, a criterion sometimes set aside by EA.

Which Attackers in TOTW 19?

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool, Premier League

While several Liverpool players have been granted a special card on the sidelines of the TOTY, Mohamed Salah could settle for a place in the TOTW 19 following his two goals scored against West Ham.

Lautaro Martinez, Inter, Serie A

If Lukaku is also an option here with two goals, our choice is rather than his teammate Martinez, author of a goal and an assist in just over an hour of play.

The little card of the week on FIFA 21

Ahmed Hassan, Olympiacos, Hellas Liga

Our little card of the week comes this time from the Greek league with the great performance of Ahmed Hassan. The Egyptian player netted a goal and two assists in Olympiacos' 3-1 victory.

Investments related to FIFA 21 TOTW predictions

If the cards of the players selected in the Team of the week are often good sources of investment, it is also possible to earn credits via the TOTW. Indeed, there are several methods to speculate on the market.

Thus, the simplest and most regular is to wagering on normal TOTW player gold cards in progress. These are not present in the packs during the week, limiting the quantity of cards. If a player is looking to use these cards for DCEs or for their team, the prices can spike a lot. So buy the cards in anticipation of this rise, speculating on TOTW's predictions.

In addition, another method is to analyze future good TOTW cards and thus speculate on the cards related to them. For example, if Haaland receives a Team of the Week card, it's likely players will be looking to incorporate him into their FUT roster. Thus, they will also seek to link this new card with other Bundesliga players, Dortmund players or even Norwegian players in order to create the best possible links. It is therefore possible toinvest in cards allowing perfect links, just before the release of the new Team of the Week.

Note that these two strategies require good anticipation of the market, but also finding the right timing. Often the cards to buy go up quickly, so you need to plan ahead who to buy. Also, this bull run won't last long, so it's necessary to play for a few days and quickly sell your cards.

You can also find our investment advice on FIFA 21.

So much for our predictions of the players of the new FIFA 19 TOTW 21 team of the week. If as often EA will seek to muddy the waters by selecting profiles a little more obscure, we are confident that the majority of the players listed above will be available as a special card in the FUT mode of FIFA 21. As a reminder, the TOTW 19 will be officially unveiled on Wednesday at 19 p.m.

FIFA 21, TOTW 19 predictions for the team of the week
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FIFA 21, TOTW 19 predictions for the team of the week
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FIFA 21, TOTW 19 predictions for the team of the week
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