FIFA 21, new gameplay and playability

FIFA 21, new gameplay and playability

Discover here the first novelties concerning the gameplay and the playability of FIFA 21. As usual with the football franchise, the changes in game will be closely watched by a community which is campaigning more and more for new features... As a reminder, the new installment of the football franchise will succeed FIFA 20 on October 9 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game will also be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

FIFA 21 Gameplay and Gameplay Updates

If the game does not arrive until October, EA wanted to unveil some new features regarding the gameplay and the overall playability of the title. Thus, we discover some major changes although it is difficult to really get an idea of ​​their impact without playing the game. Note that this article will be updated according to the various studio announcements.

Dribbling Changes

If FIFA 20 has a large arsenal of dribbles, the developers wanted to improve the situations of 1 v 1 on the new game. Thus, FIFA 21 will feature more moves, in particular feints of rake, with the aim of giving more weapons to the attackers to make the difference.

Positioning and creative runs

One of the most frustrating elements of FIFA currently in play is the position of players you don't control. It is not uncommon to have an attacker come back to midfield when you are playing a counter-attack or to see a defender not intercepting an obvious pass...

To overcome this, FIFA 21 adds placement customization, including elements related to player level. Thus, the attackers of international class will pay more attention to offside situations. The latter will align themselves more often with the last defenders. As for the best defenders, they should be more efficient in their positioning and thus more often cut pass trajectories.

En outre, le creative racing system should help give more options for building up the game quickly on offense. It will be easier to read the game and hopefully gain accuracy in ball calls. Will we finally finish giving the ball to a teammate who is 5 meters behind the attacker to whom we initially wanted to pass?

Smoother animations?

This is also what FIFA 21 promises, although again, we will wait to see what this will really change in practice. The developers announce more realistic duels and more natural behaviors...

Overhaul of football fundamentals

On this point, EA discusses its communication and the feedback made by the community, in order to make simple gestures more realistic and believable but important in football. Thus, they therefore evoke more control and precision in passes and head play but also better responsiveness of the game.

This is surely the crux of the changes to FIFA 21 since the gameplay seems to have stagnated for a few years, to the point that fans are increasingly regretting games from a few years ago... Pure nostalgia or regression of the latest games? We will let you judge.

Competitor mode, increased difficulty to prepare for player vs player

This last point is a great idea from EA. Indeed, FIFA 21 will therefore havean additional difficulty called competitive mode, modeled on the style of play of pro players on FIFA. Thus, it will allow fans to evolve their gameplay to more easily adapt to the game in rivals mode.

That's it for our summary of the main new features regarding the gameplay and playability of the new FIFA 21. This article will be updated according to future announcements made by EA.

FIFA 21, new gameplay and playability
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FIFA 21, new gameplay and playability
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