FIFA 20: FUT and the value of collective

FIFA 20: FUT and the value of collective

Chemistry value is the essential element of FIFA 20 FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode. Indeed, if beginner players focus on the cards, the Chemistry level will be the key factor in the creation and evolution of your dream team.

Be sure to check out our FUT beginner's guide for more information on FIFA 20's Ultimate Team mode.

How does Chemistry Value work in FUT?

Chemistry in FUT is more or less the level of synergy between the different players in a formation. Thus, in order to have a good level of collective in your team, it must have the following elements:

  • Players playing in their main position
  • Specific synergies between nearby players

The individual collective (at the level of the player) therefore begins with his position. If an attacker is placed in midfield, he should see his collective level drop, thus limiting his values. But the collective value will also evolve if the links between the players are positive.

To obtain a positive link, both players must have:

  • Of the same nationality
  • Play in the same club
  • Or evolve in the same league

The overall Chemistry value will therefore be composed of the total Chemistry of each player. A score lower than 80 (out of 100) indicates that players are badly placed or that the links are too often red.

The collective, what importance on FUT in FIFA 20?

As in previous editions, Chemistry value is the most important element of FIFA 20 FUT mode. Indeed, a bad score will reduce the value of your cards and thus nullify your work of optimizing your players. .

  • FIFA 20: FUT and the value of collective
    Although several players are not in their primary position, the overall chemistry of this team is 100 thanks to nation synergies. Also note the Icon card which allows links with all the cards.

Therefore, it is essential to focus on the value of collective rather than spending hours buying and farming new player cards.

Advice to improve the collective

Since the collective is obtained by placing the players in their real position (unless you make a change) and according to the different synergies between the cards, it is best to follow the following advice:

  • Promote FUT teams made up of players from the 5 major European leagues
  • Use link-limiting formations on your maps where synergy is difficult
  • Anticipate your future eleven according to your current cards for the collective

Also note that it is possible to improve the collective score via coach's choice if he shares the same nationality or championship as the majority of the players. But it is also possible to win collectively via loyalty score : as soon as a player has participated in 10 matches within the club, his individual collective score will be increased by one point.

Player Attribute Cards for FUT

In FUT mode, it is possible to use specific cards that will improve the values ​​and attributes of your players. However, since these are sometimes quite expensive, it is recommended to only use them on players with a Chemistry score close to 10. Worse, if your player's individual score is 4 or less, the effect of the card will be null.

If at first glance, the value of collective seems to be a brake on the creativity of teams in the FUT mode of FIFA 20, the latter quickly becomes an excellent exercise for players. Thus, you will learn to quickly master it, both for your teams and for the realization of DCE.

Be sure to check out our FUT beginner's guide for more information on FIFA 20's Ultimate Team mode.

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