FF7 Remake, hard mode and level maximum

FF7 Remake, hard mode and level maximum

As in the majority of RPGs, FF 7 Remake has a level system and a hard mode, we explain here how to reach the maximum level on the game. Thus, the maximum level on Final Fantasy 7 Remake is 50 but this hides several interesting things about the endgame.

The maximum level on FF7 Remake

As mentioned previously, the maximum level on FF7 Remake is the level 50. After this point, it will be impossible to gain character level. However, it is obviously possible to continue to progress via the different weapons and materia.

Note that as in the majority of Final Fantasy, it is possible to slow down the progression of the story to farm the exp and thus reach the cap of level 50 well before the end of the story. However, this method is not necessarily necessary, the power of your character is not directly linked to its level.

So, if you are an experienced player, it is quite possible to complete the story for the first time, around level 35.

Play in Hard mode and gain exp

While we mentioned above the end of the story, the game takes on a whole new dimension in hard mode. How to play in hard mode on FF7 Remake? Just finish the game once before restarting the game (on previous chapters) in hard more.

This more difficult game mode nevertheless allows you to replay the adventure while keeping the elements of your first campaign. Thus, the majority of your equipment will be present to resume the adventure in this new difficulty mode.

The hard mode on Final Fantasy 7 therefore brings an increased difficulty but also and above all, un boost an xp (experience is doubled in hard mode). It will therefore be very fast to level up in this game mode, allowing players to reach level 50 (the cape) in a short time compared to their initial campaign.

So much for our guide to the game mode in hard mode as well as the elements concerning the maximum level achievable on FF 7 Remake. You can find more Final Fantasy 7 Remake tips and guides on our dedicated game portal.

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