GTA Vice City: PC cheat codes, tips and cheat code

GTA Vice City: PC cheat codes, tips and cheat code

Redeem codes in GTA is a way to play in its own right for many of you! With the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, this is an opportunity for us to offer you the list of cheat codes GTA Vice City sur PC. Earn money, vehicles, play with the police… everything is there for your pleasure.

You can also find all our other codes for all GTA games and all consoles (PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox, Switch) on our dedicated article.

To use the PC cheat codes on Grand Theft Auto Vice City, simply :

  • Type a series of keys on the keyboard, without pausing. Once done, a “cheat enabled” message appears at the top left of the screen.

Be careful though! Be sure to save your game before using cheat codes, as they prevent success. If you save after redeeming GTA Vice City codes on your PC, they might even become permanent. It is therefore strongly advised not to use them anyhow on the Rockstar Games game.

In this section: 1 Weapons – GTA Vice City PC 1.1 Cheat Code Get All Weapons – Bundle 1 1.2 Get All Weapons – Bundle 2 1.3 Get All Weapons – Bundle 3 2 Miscellaneous – GTA Vice City PC 2.1 Cheat Code Speed ​​Up The Game 2.2 Speed ​​Up Time 2.3 Riot Mode 2.4 Big Head Mode 2.5 Armed Pedestrians 2.6 Armed Female Pedestrians 2.7 Pedestrians attack you 2.8 Slow Game 3 Weather – GTA Vice City PC Cheat Code 3.1 Fog 3.2 Rain 3.3 Clouds 3.4 Reset Time 3.5 Sun and clouds 4 Character – GTA Vice City PC Cheat Code 4.1 Buy all properties (houses, business etc.) 4.2 Max Armor 4.3 Attract Women 4.4 Change Clothes 4.5 Get Fat 4.6 Get Skinny 4.7 Invincibility 4.8 Max Health 4.9 Se Suicide 4.10 Dick Skin 4.11 Hilary King Skin 4.12 Jezz Torent Skin 4.13 Ken Rosenberg Skin 4.14 Lance Vance Skin 4.15 Mercedes Skin 4.16 Phil Cassidy Skin 4.17 Ricardo Diaz Skin 4.18 Sonny Forelli Skin 5 Police Cheat Codes GTA Vice City PC 5.1 Increase Wanted Index 5.2 Decrease Wanted Index 6 Vehicles – Cheat Codes GTA Vice City PC 6.1 Airplane 6.2 Flying Boats 6.3 Bloodring Banger #1 6.4 Bloodring Banger #2 6.5 Trash Truck (Trashmaster) 6.6 Golf Caddy 6.7 Drive On Water 6.8 Aggressive Drivers 6.9 Romero's Hearse 6.10 Blow Up Nearby Cars 6.11 Big Tires 6.12 Hotring Racer #1 6.13 Hotring Racer #2 6.14 Hunter (Helicopter) 6.15 Lights Go Green 6.16 Love Fist ( Limousine) 6.17 Saber Turbo 6.18 Tank (Rhino) 6.19 Cars that handle better and grip better 6.20 Black cars 6.21 Pink cars 6.22 Flying cars

Weapons - GTA Vice City PC Cheat Code

Acquire All Weapons - Bundle 1

  • thugstools

Acquire All Weapons - Bundle 2

  • professionaltools

Acquire All Weapons - Bundle 3

  • nuttertools

Miscellaneous – GTA Vice City PC Cheat Code

Speed ​​up the game

  • onspeed

To fastforward time

  • lifeispassingmeby

Riot Mode

  • fightfightfight

Big Head Fashion

  • expandhome

Armed pedestrians

  • ourgodgivenrighttobeararms

Armed female pedestrians

  • chickswithguns

Pedestrians attack you

  • nobodylikesme

slow down the game

  • booooooring

Weather - GTA Vice City PC Cheat Code


  • cantseeathing


  • catsanddogs


  • abitdrieg

Reset time to zero

  • alovelyday

sun and clouds

  • apleasantday

Character – GTA Vice City PC Cheat Code

Buy all properties (houses, business, etc.)

  • fullcitypeoplemines

Max Armor

  • preciousprotection

Attract women

  • fannymagnet

Change clothes

  • stilllikedressingup

To become fat

  • deepfriedmarsbars

Become skinny

  • programmer


  • youcantleavemealone

Max Health

  • aspirine


  • canttakeitanymore

Skin de Dick

  • weloveourdick

Skin de Hilary King

  • ilooklikehilary

Skin de Jezz Torrent

  • rock and roll man

Skin by Ken Rosenberg

  • mysonisalawyer

Lance Vance Skin

  • looklikelance

Mercedes skin

  • foxylittlething

Skin de Phil Cassidy

  • onearmedbandit

Ricardo Diaz skin

  • cheatshavebeencracked

Skin de Sonny Forelli

  • idonthavethemoneysonny

Police – Codes de triche GTA Vice City PC

Increase Search Index

  • youwonttakemealive

Reduce the search index

  • leavemealone

Vehicles - GTA Vice City PC Cheat Codes


  • flyingways

Flying boats

  • air ship

Bloodring Banger #1

  • travelinstyle

Bloodring Banger #2

  • gettherequickly

Garbage truck (Trashmaster)

  • rubbishcar

Golf cart

  • betterthanwalking

Drive on water

  • seaways

Aggressive drivers

  • miamitraffic

Romero's Hearse

  • thelastride

Blow up nearby cars

  • bigbang

big tires

  • loadsoflittlethings

Hotring Racer # 1

  • getthereveryfastindeed

Hotring Racer # 2

  • getthereamazinglyfast

Hunter (Helicopter)

  • americahelicopter

The lights turn green

  • greenlight

Love Fist (Limousine)

  • rockandrollcar

Saber Turbo

  • gettherefast

Tank (Rhino)

  • panzer

Cars handle and grip better

  • gripiseverything

black cars

  • iwantitpaintedblack

pink cars

  • ahairdresserscar

Flying cars

  • comeflywhithme
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