God of War: Artifacts, where to find them

God of War: Artifacts, where to find them

Many secrets are hidden in Midgard, but also in the different Kingdoms of Yggdrasil. For Kratos and Atreus, this is an opportunity to collect unique Artifacts in God of War. You can thus find many of them scattered all over the game, which can then be resold to Brok or Sindri. By following the classic progression of the story, it is possible to accumulate a good number of them, but not necessarily to find them all.

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Location of Artifacts in God of War

The various artefacts are more or less well hidden. Some are in the middle of your route, others behind more winding paths. However, all of them can be spotted by the faint light that emanates from them.



During the prologue, the artifact can be found near the stone bridge.
In the ruins, take the right path and go up to the left to find a chain. Below are wolves, and the artifact.
In the ruins, go through the door at the back of the central room to come out and find the artifact.
Near the portal of Kratos' house.


Near the ruins fast travel point, use the chain to drop down, then follow the ledge to the end.
From Brok's camp, take the path to the right of the bridge to find a cul-de-sac where the artifact is located.
Continuing the path from Brok's encampment, the Artifact is at the back of the room with the ceiling filled with quills.
After going through the room with the quill-filled ceiling, an artifact sits on the ledge outside.
In the pool of water, at the bottom of the cave blocked by a mechanism.
Behind the fourth house in the village in ruins.
From the witch's house, enter the cave then go down the footbridge. Then go left, push the sled towards the water, and follow the path.
Leaving the Witch's Caves through the well, down the path to the hut. The artifact is to the right of the dwelling.
Climb along the chain near the witch's hut, and follow the path to the left.

lake of nine

In Niflheim Tower, after using the elevator, the artifact is at the level of the corpse.
In the tower of Helheim, after using the elevator, the artifact is at the level of the corpse.
In the tower of Alfheim, after using the elevator, the artifact is at the level of the corpse.
On the left quay, at the level of the bridge connecting Tire to the land.

Raven Cliff

Destroy the planks next to the dead troll to allow Atreus to unwind the chain. Climb to find the artifact.

island of death

Destroy the explosive jar behind the wreckage at the bottom of the promontory, then climb into it. Another explosive jar is to aim for to free the access.

forgotten cave

To the left of the brazier, a chain provides access to the promontory and the artifact.

stone falls

At the stone falls, continue towards the area behind the arch, then climb towards the promontory on the right.


In the direction of the palace of the king of the dwarves, explore the pontoons on the left to find the artifact.
Heading towards the Dwarf King's Palace, go left to trigger a mechanism, then freeze it. Follow the path to find the artifact behind a palisade.
At the level of the seal holding the dragon prisoner, go left to enter the next area and find the corpse near the waterfall.
At the beginning of the bridge leading to the palace of the dwarf king, in front of a corpse.
In the dwarf king's palace, go left after the Jötnar mural.
In the flooded room of the dwarf king's palace, use the lever to lower the water level and discover the artifact.


After lowering the lake level a second time, dock at the watchtower. Use the mechanism to unlock an entrance and scale the cliff to the top. activate the new mechanism to unlock the artifact room.


Pass the broken column of the dark caverns, and climb on the ledge. Going along the room to the right, a recess is revealed, revealing the artifact.
As you climb up the mine shaft, the Artifact can be found to the left of the ramp.
After defeating the dragon in the caves, climb back to Sindri's workshop and climb the wall. Explode the roots blocking the counterpoise to uncover the cavity and the artifact.
At the top of the mountain, cross the ridge and climb up to find the artifact on the left.
In the room of the mine shaft, go to the left to explode the roots present.
After killing the Frost Elder, follow the passage to find the artifact.


Land on the beach to the left of the Temple of Light to find the artifact in an alcove to the right.
Land on the beach to the right of the temple of light and activate the mechanism blocking the door. Take a direct right and blast the roots from below, then from the top to unlock the door. Follow the path and align the roots to unlock the artifact.
After defeating the Soul Eater, activate the Light Bridges through the Mother Root. Take the left bridge to find the artifact.
Once the light is restored, return to the temple trench to find a new artifact in the open cell on the right, at the bottom of the elevator.
Take the left passage in the trench and release the crystal.
In the trench, use and freeze the mechanism to lower the ground to explore a passage.


At the exit of the Temple of Tyr, the artifact is directly on the right.
After going around the door at the end of the Tyr bridge, go down below and cross the unstable area. Climb to the end to discover a passage under the ice and the artifact.
In the area below, after bypassing the Tyr Bridge Gate, investigate the pillars.
With Atreus, go up the bridge from the temple of Tyr and pass the large door. Cross the passage to arrive in the second part of the area and climb on the second footbridge. Destroy the roots to discover the artifact.
In Odin's hidden chamber, climb the steps before the Valkyrie arena.

You can now go in search of all the artifacts hidden in the different levels of God of War. However, these are not the only secrets you will find on your way, and you will have to be patient to find them all.

God of War: Artifacts, where to find them
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