God of War: Runic Inscriptions, where to find them

God of War: Runic Inscriptions, where to find them

Many secrets are hidden in Midgard, but also in the different Kingdoms of Yggdrasil. For Kratos and Atreus, this is an opportunity to discover runic inscriptions in God of War. We can thus find many of them scattered all over the game. By following the classic progression of the story, it is possible to find a good part of them, but not necessarily all of them.

In this section: view Location of Runic Inscriptions in God of War Midgard The River Lake of Nines Raven's Cliff Isle of Death Forgotten Cavern Mines of Völund Veidrrgard Iron Cove Mountain Fortress of Northri Council of the Valkyries Temple of Tyr Konnunsgard Alfheim

Location of runic inscriptions in God of War



Arriving from Fauvebois, on the cliff allowing you to sink into the area.
After saving Adreus from the bridge, in the ruins.
In the giant's confrontation zone, clear the passage to allow Atreus to lower a chain. Climbing allows you to discover the tablet.
At the second passage in the caves of the witch, take the well to go up, the inscription is on a wall during the ascent.
When leaving the well of the witch's caves, go around it to activate a crystal revealing the inscription on the nearby stele.
Near the witch's hut, on a rock to the right.

lake of nine

After recovering the Alfheim light, head for the foothills to enter the caves behind the Vanaheim tower. Use the crystal to allow Atreus to decipher the inscriptions.
In the tower of Vanaheim, at the end of the bridge of the temple of Tyr. Two inscriptions are present but require having unlocked access to the Kingdoms of Muspelheim and Nilfheim.

Raven Cliff

On the brazier, near the troll corpse.

island of death

Climb the promontory to discover the marked brazier.

forgotten cave

On the beach, the brazier contains the inscriptions.

Mines de Valund

Entering from the beach, go through the crack in the wall to find the stele.
To the right of the door leading to the heart of the mines, in Brok's workshop.
After killing the Soul Eater, the inscription is on the wall of the next hallway.


Landing on the beach, the stele is near Kratos.
After Brok's camp, cross the fault and then cross the passage at ground level.
After Brok's camp, cross the fault, cross the passage at ground level, a stele is in a recess on the right.
Once the area of ​​the lake is discovered, go directly to the right after the two statues to land on the beach of the palace of the king of the dwarves. Go to the recess to the right of the steps leading to the dragon to find the inscriptions.
At the entrance to the dwarf king's palace, to the left of the door.
Use the mechanism in the Dwarf King's Palace to lower the water level and go through the door.

eager to do

On the brazier, in the center of the area.


In the dark caves, cross the first part where the bridge is. Climb on the ledge and activate the crystal on the left, creating a bridge of light on the right of which a second crystal is to be collected. Cross the bridge and activate the stele on the left.
On the back of the deer statue.
Climb the wall behind the deer statue, the inscriptions can be found during the ascent.
In the mine shaft room, the inscriptions are on a block of stone.
After defeating the dragon, free a bridge with the explosive resin and cross it with a block to free the stele.
Near the deer statue, take the left passage and destroy the roots. Activate the stele by collecting a crystal to place on the receptacle.

Northri Fortress

In the room of the ogre, go upstairs to find the stele.
After facing the Drifter, the inscriptions can be found in the hold of the ship.

Valkyrie Council

Where Fafnir is, go left and climb the cliff to find the stele.

Temple de Tyr

In the central room, on the balcony of the tomb.
Pass the circular saws in the left part of the temple to reach the room where the inscriptions are.
Pass the traps in the right part of the temple to reach the room where the inscriptions are.


At the entrance to the area, just before Sindri's workshop, there is a stele.
Open the door sealed by runes near the dragon and follow the path. Lower the bridge and continue to find the stele.


On the Tyr bridge, destroy roots on the right to reveal the inscriptions on a column.
Follow the first corridor of the ring temple to the end, and ask Atreus to read the inscriptions above.

You can now search for all the crows of Odin in the different levels of God of War. However, these are not the only secrets you will find on your way, and you will have to be patient to find them all.

God of War: Runic Inscriptions, where to find them
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