Ghostwire: Tokyo reveals itself in a free visual novel

Ghostwire: Tokyo reveals itself in a free visual novel

Expected for the end of March, however, Bethesda's next title has a surprise for gamers. Already available on PlayStation, and scheduled for March 8 on PC, a free visual novel introduces the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo. The Corrupted Casefile focuses on KK, a detective who investigates a strange phenomenon. Immerse yourself in this unique and disconcerting atmosphere to discover what is hidden in the city.

Updated March 8: The Preamble is now available for free download on PC. It can be found on Steam and Epic Games.

Ghostwire: Tokyo The Corrupted Casefile Announcement and Launch Trailer

Six months before the events of Ghostwire: Tokyo, veteran detective KK investigates strange phenomena in town. But while following the trail of a missing friend, he and his colleagues face the unexpected: what were only urban legends turns out to be very real. They must continue their research to understand this phenomenon and put an end to it before Tokyo sinks. A mission that will lead them to discover many secrets.

In addition to being a prelude to the events of Ghostwire: Tokyo, the visual novel The Corrupted Casefile offers a first discovery of the game universe. Through a completely different style, and with a slightly more relaxed tone, the player is invited to find out what awaits them. In addition to this, these premises take advantage of different possible routes to learn more. The perfect opportunity to get to know KK before playing him on March 25.

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