What happened to Ninja, the icon of Fortnite?

What happened to Ninja, the icon of Fortnite?

Well known to all players, Fortnite's most popular streamer seems to have disappeared from circulation for quite a while now. But where did he go, and what can he do to be so discreet? The answer is as simple as it is obvious: Ninja is still present on stream. He simply migrated from site, and thus abandoned Twitch in favor of Mixer and a more attractive partnership.

This change is not new, and dates back to August 1, 2019. On this date Ninja definitively abandoned Twitch, to stream exclusively on the Microsoft platform: Mixer.


The very popular streamer has therefore not disappeared from circulation. Without following his social networks, it has indeed become more difficult to find him. The democratization of Mixer is not yet done, Twitch having imposed its domination on the streaming market. Despite everything, this communication coup was enough for the competitor of Twitch to make himself known to the general public. He succeeded in attracting new customers.

So, although Fortnite's flagship streamer suffered a slight drop in traffic on its streams. The latter is still well and truly present in the world of gaming, and continues its journey, but on Mixer. We will therefore have to follow this story closely, because the migration of the most popular of streamers could well create competition for Twitch!

What happened to Ninja, the icon of Fortnite?

Ninja is therefore always present. However, to follow it you will have to stay connected to its networks to know its broadcast times! However, why did you abandon your contract with Twitch in favor of an exclusivity for Mixer? The streamer with multiple records and successes, of course, is governed by a new contract whose amount is much more interesting than that offered by Twitch. Although unknown to the general public, StarCraft and Hearthstone player Forsen believes that the contract would reach 6 to 8 million dollars per year for 3 years. For his part, Keemstar, Fortnite influencer, would have heard hallway noises talking abouta 100 million dollar contract.

If none of this has been confirmed or denied by Ninja or Microsoft, it is however certain that this contract must be worth its weight in gold. Ninja is also expected to serve as the face of Microsoft's streaming company. Thus, with their very aggressive action to appropriate the icon of a whole generation, Mixer is a direct competitor to YouTube and Twitch. They hope to develop their brand in order to impose themselves on the market.

We will therefore have to wait a few more years to see what the future of this medium will be. Microsoft seems however well engaged to force its presence in all areas.

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