Three characters revealed for Sumeru's arrival on Genshin Impact

Three characters revealed for Sumeru's arrival on Genshin Impact

As usual, HoYoverse networks share in advance the characters to come on their flagship game. And if three of them were presented today, it is to mark the arrival of the next region on Genshin Impact: Sumeru. The latter seems centered on the Dendro element, wood, since two of its heroes share this Divine Eye. But this obviously marks the continuation of the adventure for the Traveler and his companions.

Three major characters in the story

If we do not yet know what to expect from the new characters, they should have an important place in the adventure. At least for the Traveler's arrival in Sumeru, since two of them are part of the region's rangers, while the other runs a unique store. Collei and Thignari also share a line in the video teaser of this narrative frame.

  • Collei, apprentice ranger wielding the bow and the Divine Eye Dendro
  • Thignari, forest brigadier wielding the catalyst and the Divine Eye Dendro
  • Dori, merchant and experimental specialist wielding the Electro Divine Eye

Welcome to Sumeru, new region of Genshin Impact

The introduction of these characters is done with the announcement of the new region: Sumeru. The latter revolves around the Dendro element and should therefore have dense forests. The presence of a ranger also leads to believe it. But while this region is the focus of Update 3.0, it's the Fatui who remain the main threat.

The latter must continue to think about the future, while their ranks are gradually emptying. The Executors have many projects going on, and one seems to be in full swing in the Sumeru region. An encounter that will leave its mark on the Traveller.

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