The best controllers to play FIFA 22

The best controllers to play FIFA 22

Here we list the best controllers for playing FIFA 22 and in particular its FUT mode. While unlike FPS, FIFA doesn't necessarily require a specific controller, it's important to understand some differences between gamepads if you want to play FUT mode seriously. Conversely, FIFA 22 being available on PC, we consider it necessary to use a controller to enjoy the game on this medium.

FIFA on PC, should you play with a controller?

For once, if it is possible to play on the PC version with a keyboard, we strongly recommend opting for a gamepad. Indeed, many technical gestures require using combinations of stick movements, you will therefore be very limited when playing with a keyboard.

Morality, if you want to play FIFA fully, even without being a competitive player, you will need a gamepad. Thus, our list will allow you to choose according to your desires.

The best controller to play FIFA 22?

We will be very clear, if some people talk about a much better controller than the others, it is very likely that the article or the video is sponsored. Unlike an FPS, the precision of the sticks or the mapping of the keys is much less important in FIFA. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing a controller to play FIFA.

Choosing the right controller

First of all, you should know that FIFA 22 requires the use of both sticks in order to be able to perform specific technical gestures. Thus, this should already orient you between a PlayStation-style device (the sticks on the same line) or Xbox (the sticks diagonally).

In addition, you will use your joysticks a lot, which implies enjoying the feeling they provide. Therefore, favor this aspect of a controller before the buttons.

Finally, the wear of the sticks is to be taken into account if you play a lot. High-end models tend to wear out quickly, quickly losing precision.

The best controllers for playing FIFA

If you evolve on console, do not go on a different model from the one you are used to playing. High-end controllers rely on high precision sticks, but this is necessary for shooting games more than for FIFA. In addition, this precision is often at the cost of a more limited lifespan...

Therefore, opt for a second controller, similar to your basic controller (if you obviously like it), which you will only use for FIFA or mainly for FIFA. The idea is to limit wear on the sticks and thus guarantee an optimal level and quality of play on several FIFA games.

If you play on PC, you therefore have the choice of using an Xbox or PlayStation controller without any problem and generally, without a specific adapter if the controller is factory-installed. So, it is good to make a choice according to your needs.

The official Xbox One S controller

With sticks and a format slightly larger than the Xbox Series, the Xbox One S controller has the advantage of excellent value for money. In addition, the wear of the sticks is less important than on a new generation controller. In addition, the mapping (the position of the keys on the controller) is similar to that of the Xbox Series X, so you won't be lost in gameplay videos or pro tutorials on technical gestures on FIFA.

The best controllers to play FIFA 22
The Xbox One S controller for console and PC.

For us, it's one of the best controllers to play FIFA 22 but above all, the best option if you only have a PC. Beware, however, of stocks that will begin to drop with Microsoft's focus on Xbox Series controllers.

Amazon link for an Xbox One S controller for console and PC.

The official PlayStation 5 controller

You must have seen it a lot on stream since the FIFA 22 pro circuit is mostly on PlayStation this year, pushing a lot of players to switch to the PS5. Thus, this controller was able to prove that it was effective at all levels of play. The advantage will therefore be to see many tutorials on technical gestures and gameplay videos performed on this controller.

The official PlayStation 5 controller usable on PC.

If you've been used to playing with a PS controller, the changes aren't drastic. Certainly the design changes, the sticks are a little different, but the feeling will be substantially the same. Be careful though, the wear of the sticks is relatively high compared to older generation models (PS4). Note that our link sends to a model with a USB socket for PC.

Amazon link for an official PlayStation 5 controller for console and PC.

The official Xbox Series X controller

Smaller than the Xbox One S controller listed above, the next-gen version of the controller does not bring major visual changes. If the D-Pad is different, its use in FIFA will be relatively limited (your in-game tactics). However, when you look closer, the changes are quite significant: the sticks are different, the trigger buttons have a grip, the finish is also changed with more grip and more optimized vibrations.

The best controllers to play FIFA 22
The Xbox Series X controller for console and PC.

On the other hand, the sticks are a little more precise but, as mentioned above, will tend to be damaged more quickly. Therefore, it is a choice to be made between precision and lifespan...

Amazon link for an official Xbox Series controller for console and PC.

Low cost controller to play FIFA?

Honestly, if you break controllers regularly (we also play FIFA, we understand you), a choice for a low-cost model is understandable. However, the advantage of the models listed above is their reliability. If the sticks of next-gen controllers are less durable, the software aspect should not be a problem. In addition, compatibility with a PC is also a plus, where some cheaper models are sometimes very temperamental.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to invest in an official controller, do not hesitate. On the other hand, high-end models, from specialized brands, will not be of interest for playing FIFA 22. Keep them to play FPS.

So much for our advice and our list of the best controllers to play FIFA 22, on console and PC. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

The best controllers to play FIFA 22
The list of all our solutions for active DCEs on FIFA 22.
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