Solution to the EA Anti Cheat bug on the PC version of FIFA 23

Solution to the EA Anti Cheat bug on the PC version of FIFA 23

As the PC version of the EA Play Pro of FIFA 23 kicks off on Monday, September 26 at 16 p.m., many players are experiencing a bug related to the EA Anti Cheat program, preventing them from launching the game. Here is our solution.

Update : This Tuesday, October 4, EA released an update for FIFA 23 which should correct a good number of problems related to the game's launcher. However, there is no certainty as to the effectiveness of the fix on all the bugs encountered so far.

Use the basic version of Origin and not the EA App

The first important thing to solve this problem is to install the basic version of Origin (the Orange version) and not the EA App. The new version of EA's launcher has more issues that seem to prevent the game from launching.

Solution to the EA Anti Cheat bug on the PC version of FIFA 23

When you launch FIFA 23, Origin's Anti Cheat (anti-cheat) software launches and the latter blocks your game. An error message then appears.

Solution to the EA Anti Cheat bug on the PC version of FIFA 23
Origin error message on FIFA 23.

The solution is relatively simple. First, restart your PC. Origin should not launch automatically when the PC is launched, otherwise the solution will not work (disable this option in the Origin settings). Once the PC reboots, click on the Origin icon in your Desktop (or in its location in your folders, Program Files > Origin) and via a right click, open the sub-menu to find "Run as Administrator" .

Then launch Origin, Windows will ask you for confirmation to launch in Administrator mode. Validate and Origin will launch as usual. There, start FIFA 23, the error message should be gone.

Note that the first launch will be very long, with a loading period and potentially a black screen of well over 30 seconds (or more with a fairly old PC).

The solution in brief:

  • Restart your game
  • Click on the Origin icon (or the Origin.exe file in the folder)
  • Enable launch in Administrator mode (“Run as Administrator”)
  • Launch Origin and accept Windows Admin mode
  • Start FIFA 23, the first launch will be long

Note that it is important to update Origin as well as your graphics drivers, the game being much more demanding than last year.

Reinstalling anti-cheat software

Another solution is to uninstall and reinstall EA's anti-cheat software. For this, you need to follow the following technique.

  • Go to the FIFA 23 installation folder (Program files > Origin)
  • Open the _Installer folder
  • There, open the EAAntiCheat folder
  • Run EAAntiCheat software to uninstall
  • Restart your PC and launch Origin in Administrator mode
  • When launching FIFA, the software will reinstall

Incompatibility with anti-cheat software like FACEIT, Valorant

A priori, several readers have confirmed to us that disabling their anti-cheat software intended for other games (in particular FACEIT, or that of Valorant), makes it possible to solve the problem.

The method to follow:

  • Disable other anticheat software like FACEIT
  • Uninstall EAAntiCheat software (see point above)
  • Run Origins in admin mode
  • Launch FIFA 23
  • Reinstallez l’EA Anticheat
  • The first launch should be relatively long

Note that again, it is necessary to launch Origins (from its initial launch) in Administrator Mode and that the other software will have to be deactivated each time FIFA 23 is launched.

FIFA 23 secure boot issue

This problem is based on the Windows 11 version. To correct it, you will have to restart your PC and go to the Bios menu of your PC.

The method to follow:

  • Go to the BIOS (when booting the PC)
  • Go to the "Advanced" section of the BIOS or the "Boot" section depending on the motherboard
  • Click on the option “Windows operating system configuration”
  • Check that the section "BIOS UEFI / CSM Mode" the parameter "UEFI" is chosen
  • Then select “Secure Boot”
  • Click "Secure Boot Mode" and choose "Custom". Be careful if a warning about security codes appears, click on “Yes”
  • Head to “Register all factory default keys” to establish Secure Boot keys
  • Finally, click on “Secure Boot” and choose “Enabled”

This should allow you to launch FIFA 23. Be careful however, the game bug listed above could occur, it will be enough to carry out the first solution.

Xbox controller detection issue on FIFA 23

How often when launching FIFA on PC, the controllers are not well recognized. One of the solutions is to unplug before launching the game, your game peripherals (secondary controller, steering wheel, joystick) but potentially also your mouse. Thus, FIFA will recognize your gamepad as the primary device.

This is a problem that mainly affects certain Xbox models but also sometimes PlayStation 5 controllers.

Persistent bug and error

If the solution does not work, the problem is probably related to one of your software. Try disabling your anti-virus, creating an exception for FIFA 23 or even disabling as much software as possible.

Without this, only EA will be able to fix the problem via a patch.

So much for our solution to the EA Anti Cheat bug in order to be able to play the PC EA Play Pro version of FIFA 23. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the solutions for DCEs as well as advice for investing, creating your starter team but also follow the news and the TOTW of the game.

Solution to the EA Anti Cheat bug on the PC version of FIFA 23
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Solution to the EA Anti Cheat bug on the PC version of FIFA 23
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Solution to the EA Anti Cheat bug on the PC version of FIFA 23
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