Season 11 Patch Notes, Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 1

Season 11 Patch Notes, Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 1

Fortnite patch 11.00 has finally arrived, allowing you to discover a brand new map! With the return of well-known old places, this first season of Chapter 2 will ask you to relearn everything you knew about the game. Many new things are planned, whether in terms of equipment or gameplay.

Season 11 Patch Notes, Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 1

New in 11.00

  • Apollo:
    • The Fortnite map is getting a makeover! 13 localities will be at your disposal on this brand new island, and you will have to discover them one after the other.
      • Craggy Cliffs
      • Dirty Docks
      • FrenzyFarm
      • Holly Hedges
      • lazy lake
      • Misty Meadows
      • Pleasant Park
      • RetailRow
      • Salty Springs
      • Slurpy Swamp
      • Steamy Stacks
      • sweaty sands
      • Weeping Woods
  • Battle Pass:
    • At any new season, new battle pass! Available for the classic price of 950 V-Bucks for a Battle Pass. You will need to reach 100 levels again to unlock all the new cosmetics available.
      • Battle Pass progression is now mostly done by completing missions to earn medals.
      • Weekly challenges are still there.
      • The various cosmetics of the battle pass can always evolve via side missions to complete.

Gameplay Changes

  • Weapons and Items:
    • The list of weapons available in game, as well as those retired, is not yet available, but we will let you know as soon as we learn more.
      • Weapon icons have been changed to better match the level graphics style of the game.
    • Motorboat :
      • Big new in Season 11, boats are the new means of transport in Fortnite.
      • Available near towns on the banks of rivers, they are very practical for teams.
      • Can be used up to 4.
      • All three passengers can shoot.
      • Usable on land, it is however very slowed down, and suffers 1 point of damage per second.
  • Diving and Swimming:
    • In addition to a vehicle capable of crossing rivers, lakes and rivers, the player can also decide to move on his own in these bodies of water.
      • It is possible to stop swimming to shoot in the water.
      • Jumping into the water makes you do a dive which will allow you to speed up.
      • If you wish to jump from a great height and there is water below, you will not take fall damage.
  • Fish to win:
    • With all these areas of water present, it was unthinkable not to add fishing to the activities to do.
    • Fishing allows you to recover fish, trash and equipment.
      • Trash can be thrown away.
      • Fish heal you if you are below 75% health.
      • Weapons can be of different qualities.
  • Carrying people on the ground:
    • Once on land, who has never regretted being in the middle of a storm? Now it's over, since you can carry your fallen allies and enemies!
  • Win by being cowardly:
    • The interactions with the decor are expanding! It is now possible to hide in trash cans or barrels to surprise opponents.

If you want to learn more about Fortnite's Battle Royale update 11.00, you can find all the leaks about this new season.

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