Patch Notes 15.00, Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2

Patch Notes 15.00, Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2

Season 5 Chapter 2 of Fortnite has finally arrived, allowing you to discover a brand new map! The island is unstable, and it's time for the agents to protect the Point Zero, exposed in the center of the map. And for that, what better than to bring together the greatest hunters of the multiverse to hunt down the madmen who dare to approach them.

What's New in Fortnite Patch 15.00

Patch Notes are not available for Season 15.

  • New map:
    • The map has undergone a major change, with new points of interest but above all the appearance of a desert area
    • New areas suitable for hunting have appeared to accompany hunters
  • Weapons and equipment:
    • New weapons are appearing for this season 15 of Fortnite, some are coming back, others are giving way
    • Special hunting weapons are added to the collection, purchasable only with ingots
    • New combat styles are available with unique hunter weapons
  • Bounty Hunt Table:
    • A bounty system is integrated to obtain additional loot
    • Quests are offered to the player who can decide to accept them, decline them or challenge the sponsor
      • Accept : complete the objective to get ingots
      • Refuse : don't waste time and go somewhere else for other goals
      • Challenge: fight the sponsor to get his reward without having to help him

Battle pass and rewards

Season 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2 features many characters presenting themselves as hunters from various universes. We find there in particular the Mandalorian, his equipment and Baby Yoda. But other powerful warriors accompany him in the hunt for his prey.

You can also take full advantage of this new Battle Pass with the Fortnite Club Monthly Membership.

  • Mandalorian
  • Reese
  • Gathomme
  • Maeve
  • Kondor
  • Lexa
  • Threat

With no official patch note, it's unclear what other game elements may have changed. You are therefore not immune to surprises during your first games.

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