Patch Notes 14.00, Fortnite Season 14

Patch Notes 14.00, Fortnite Season 14

Season 14 of Fortnite has finally arrived, allowing you to discover a brand new map! With a lot of new features and changes, this new season introduces you to the Marvel universe. Because yes, this season revolves exclusively around the heroes and villains of society.

What's New in Fortnite Patch 14.00

Patch Notes are not available for Season 14.

  • New map:
    • The map has changed little, discovering new places related to Marvel
      • Sentinel Graveyard
      • Doom’s Domain
      • Helicarrier
  • Weapons and equipment:
    • New weapons are appearing for this season 14 of Fortnite, some are coming back, others are giving way
    • The weaponry of certain Super Heroes and Super Villains is added to the list of in-game weapons
      • Precious Gauntlets of Doctor Doom
      • Groot's Bramble Shield
      • Silver Surfer Lantern
  • New weapons:
    • Stark Industries Energy Rifle
    • War shotgun
    • Tactical submachine gun
    • Scoped Assault Rifle
    • light machine gun
    • Single shot sniper
  • Loot and chests:
    • The spawn rate of chests has been lowered
    • Drones have spawned at certain named locations, dropping loot when shot down

Battle pass and rewards

Season 14 highlights the Marvel universe and its superheroes, the unlockable cosmetics therefore concern the latter. You will be able to unlock 8 skins of heroes and villains from the Marvel universe when you have completed the Battle Pass.

  • Thor
  • Iron Man
  • Tornado
  • Doctor Doom
  • Miss Hulk
  • Mystique
  • Large
  • Wolverine

With no official patch note, it's unclear what other game elements may have changed. You are therefore not immune to surprises during your first games.

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