Our opinion on the new FIFA 23 Gameplay, finally a revival?

Our opinion on the new FIFA 23 Gameplay, finally a revival?

As usual, EA distills the information around its new FIFA, with now more light on the novelties concerning the Gameplay of FIFA 23. The football game therefore continues in line with the evolution of the 22 with the use of Hypermotion Technology, which should make the game more realistic and fluid. However, we are not sure that these changes really bring the modifications expected by the players. We therefore summarize the evolutions on the gameplay, point by point, with our opinion in addition.

For all the info on FIFA 23 and the latest leaks, please see our article dedicated to EA's future football game.

Up to date : Update from Thursday, July 28 at 17 p.m.

Note that our opinion is based on what has been officially unveiled by EA as well as on a few leaks by credible sources, in particular pro players. Our opinion is also based on the state of FIFA 22 currently, by a player who has accumulated more than 4000 hours of play on the FUT mode.

The premiere video of FIFA 23 gameplay

The premiere video of FIFA 23 gameplay.

A first video showcasing FIFA 23 gameplay was released on Wednesday, July 27. This reveals a number of new features and developments. Here is a complete summary of what was presented as well as our opinion on each point.

FIFA 23 new gameplay features

This list will be updated as EA adds and official statements. Leaked elements are taken into account but we prefer to focus on what is officially presented.

Hypermotion 2 : The Hypermotion Technology system is back with more items captured by EA in matches. So there will be new animations, new calls and movements of players on the field.

  • Notice: For once, Hypermotion has brought some changes but without being a radical evolution on FIFA 22. Worse, the gameplay is much more fluid on the current-gen versions (PS4, PC) than next-gen this year. We are therefore far from being conquered by this technology but one more year could improve this situation.

Technical moves : Dribbling should be more responsive, especially with good dribblers. EA ensures that the feeling will be more natural, something that its teams have been trying to do for several games already.

  • Review: Honestly, the feeling we had while watching the video was that the technical gestures seemed fluid but the sequences and movements seemed slow. The game as a whole seemed sluggish, so maybe it's the video that gives that impression.

Acceleration : a system of speed and races appears with three options: explosiveness, running on long strides and a "controlled" speed. It will be map dependent, so a player like Virgil Van Dijk will have a long stride run while Vinicius Jr will be more explosive.

  • Notice: On paper, this will give more differences between the cards. However, the risk is to bring an even more restrictive Meta if only one type of speed is interesting...

Moves : in addition to this speed system, players will also have variations in their movements: if they have the ball compared to “without” the ball.

  • Notice: Again, it is difficult to judge the impact of this change in image. Will this change the way they successfully control a through pass? Will offensive AI and therefore placement be affected?

Shots : Power shots will be modified to make them more interesting, probably via a system rewarding more the timing of the shot. The latter taking up some of the recent changes to power shots, which tend to take effect.

  • Advice: An interesting change, which could reward players who build their game in front of goal, especially against an opponent who stays at 7 in the box. The risk as usual is to have something unbalanced, like the finesses at the launch of FIFA 22.

Penalty and free kick : these shots will be modified, with a new shooting and aiming system. Thus, it will be possible to aim where the foot will strike to give a different effect on the strike.

  • Opinion: We do not really understand the interest of changing the penalties but the evolution on the free kicks is a good thing (at least on paper). To see therefore if the set pieces become more difficult to place and if potentially, this would change the interest of certain cards on the FUT mode.

Defense : new defensive animations are added, especially on the best players. In addition, sliding tackles are going to be improved to promote their use.

  • Opinion: So this is where we are not happy at all. Already, the sliding tackle aspect that sends the balls flying away from the defender is a point that we hate. The idea is to be able to take the ball back, not to permanently give the ball to your opponent. In a desperate situation why not, but we are afraid of two things. First, that every tackle makes the ball fly even when the energy on the slide is limited. But above all, that the animation prevents any technical gesture, in the sense that if the defender engages his tackle, the attacker cannot respond. Also, the new defensive animations could create Ultra Meta cards, which beyond stats, would be op. As part of a Maldini Moments why not, but a player like Kimpembe Or this year proves that special animations are more important than stats.

Cons : another element of the defense, the counter system on shots will also be changed, with an advantage given to actions managed manually by a player. In video, some elements seem to confirm this point without giving more details.

  • Opinion: for the moment, we can only wish for an evolution towards a gameplay where manual actions are more rewarded than a player who would leave 7 defenders behind while running like a bull in the middle with Kanté...

guardian : their vision will be more affected by the position of players in front of them while new animations, especially on gloves, have been added.

  • Notice: We already have clips where the goalkeepers seem not to respect these new animations (in the video of EA, we see in particular Alisson making a weird animation with his arm on a shot). As with shooting, the concern lies in the balance: we could have ultra-strong or totally useless goalkeepers depending on the situation.

ball physics : Deflections on shots should be more realistic and affected by every element of a player's physique.

  • Review: Another point that scares us… The video example shows deviations that seem to remind us of the worst goals we've conceded this year. If in a sense, realism is a point that we like to hear, the fact of imagining that the ball could be even more unpredictable on contacts, makes this change rather difficult to support.

So much for our analysis of the new gameplay features of FIFA 23. And you, what is your opinion on these changes? Do not hesitate to give it to us in comment.

At the moment, we are not necessarily very positive about the new gameplay features of FIFA 23. However, all of this could change in the weeks and months to come, especially as each patch and update could do evolve for good or bad, the gameplay of the game. While waiting for the release of the new football game from EA, you can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on w88s.vip.

Our opinion on the new FIFA 23 Gameplay, finally a revival?
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