Optimizing Wishes with Mercy in Genshin Impact

Optimizing Wishes with Mercy in Genshin Impact

More than a month after its release, many players continue to film themselves spending astronomical sums to obtain a particular character. This has allowed some to establish more precisely the summoning percentages in play. Thus, optimizing your Wishes is a little easier in Genshin Impact, and saves you quite a bit of resources. Let's dive into the wonderful world of the so-called “Whales”.

Pity system, somewhat random numbers

The advantage of Genshin Impact's Wishes is the presence of the Pity system which ensures obtaining a 5-star character or weapon at the 90th invocation. To get there, the game retains each of the summons made on your account and adds a percentage each time a 5 star is not drawn. Each draw increases your chances, and this is what miHoYo specifies in the tab Details summons.

This percentage is actually not linear. contrary to what many players may think. After looking at more than 9 different summons, a user detailed what really came out of this Mercy system. Each pull slightly increases the chance of getting a 000 star, but this amount never exceeds 5%. You have to wait for the 76th invocation for the Mercy system to give your banner a boost, with a drastic increase of over 30% chance.

This means, among other things, that almost 80% of the 5 stars drawn are drawn before reaching the 80 summon. This non-linear increase is there so that the headliners are not too easy to obtain, but without making them impossible to find. As a reminder, each banner benefits from its Mercy rate and does not share it with the others. But a character event banner retains Mercy from the previous one.

Optimize your Wishes according to Mercy

Taking into account how the Mercy system works in Genshin Impact, it is therefore easier to understand Wishes and optimize them to save Primogems. The goal is therefore to keep the Primogems for a specific banner where the headliner is eyeing us. If it is a temporary banner, you have 3 weeks to make your summons. After doing 70 (summoning 7 times per batch of 10), it is therefore better to favor single prints.

Obviously this is only to be done if you have not had your 5 stars before, in which case you have to start the count again. This will allow you to save a good number of Primo-gems. You can try to aim for other banners, even 4-star characters put forward.

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Optimizing Wishes with Mercy in Genshin Impact
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