Live stream Genshin Impact patch 2.5, 4 février

Live stream Genshin Impact patch 2.5, 4 février

Genshin Impact patch 2.5 is about to be unveiled in a dedicated live stream on Friday, February 4, 2022. This is the opportunity to discuss the changes and new features planned for Inazuma which will arrive on February 16. If we do not yet know what to expect, the announcement of the next characters is predictable. But we can also hope to discover new areas of Inazuma.

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Genshin Impact Live Stream Summary

  • No time to lose, we dive straight into the heart of the matter with the new trailer.
  • New monsters appear for this version, with the exploration of deep ruins. In parallel, the story of Inazuma continues to develop with the arrival of Yae Miko in the conflict.
  • Yae Miko will be the first character with a banner in patch 2.5. The second part of the update features Raiden Shogun and Kokomi in separate Vows.
  • The Shogun as well as Yae Miko will be central to the story in patch 2.5, with their storylines moving forward.
  • The new enemies in this version are a weekly boss to discover in the story, and elemental warriors. The latter have unique weapons and abilities depending on their element, in addition to wearing full armor.
  • The next major event is announced: Three Realms Gateway Offering. In the latter, a whole new area opens up to the Traveler. Explore it, find the treasures and activate the pylons to find your way around. At the end of this event, players can pick up a 4-star weapon, a catalyst, and its ascension materials.
  • Another event is unveiled, the Divine Ingenuity, offering a customizable parkour challenge.
  • The Traveler can also try his hand at running a café by preparing drinks for customers. Of Drink A-Dreaming is therefore an event based on this capacity of the Traveler to please the inhabitants of the cities.
  • Also, the Hyaukunin Ikki event returns, with new challenges to complete.
  • It's announced: version 2.6 will allow you to discover a whole new area: The Chasm. Long awaited, this will be a large region of the map that will unlock. Ruin Serpents lurk in the mines, giant mechanical creatures.
  • It is on this last info that the live ends, giving us a glimpse of a lot of new things to come.

What can we expect from patch 2.5

With patch 2.5, a new character will enter Genshin Impact. We especially expect the detailed presentation of Yae Miko, Guuji of the Narukami Shrine. This is an Electro Divine Eye Catalyst Manipulator, whose rarity should be 5 stars. But a new part of Inazuma's story should also present itself, with new quests and new events.

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