List of best goalkeepers for FUT on FIFA 22

List of best goalkeepers for FUT on FIFA 22

Here we list the best goalkeepers and Meta cards for FIFA 22 FUT mode. Be careful because the idea is to list the best cards, whatever the price, to evolve at the best level in the game of football. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game. Note that special cards (TOTW, POTM etc) will be present here.

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Update : Updated from Wednesday June 22 with the arrival of the TOTS Serie A and Metamorphosed Team 1 cards.

FIFA 22 best goalkeeper lists, Meta cards for FUT

The goalkeeper position is a very strange and difficult position to assess, both in real life and in FIFA. While some cards stand out more than others, the reasons for their success sometimes have more to do with custom animations than stats. So, our pick of the best goalkeepers for FIFA 22 FUT mode will consider a mix of the two. However, each player in FIFA defends and plays in a specific way, so it is difficult to predict which type of goalkeeper will be the most effective for you.

Note that unlike our other lists of Meta cards, we preferred to opt for lists according to the championships. Also, it is important to note that since a few editions of FIFA, it would seem that the TOTW goalkeepers are a notch more efficient? Placebo effect of the special or reality card, we often preferred the TOTW version for this reason.

Our Top 5 best goalkeepers in the game across all leagues

We quickly list here our top 5 of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22, without league or price limit.

  • Edwin van der Sar Icône Moments
  • Thibaut Courtois MOTM/TOTS
  • Alisson ALL
  • Petr Cech Moments Icon
  • Alban Lafont ALL

Mentions honorables : Maignan ALL, De Gea ALL Moments, Yashin Moments.

The best goalkeepers in the Premier League on FUT

Alisson TOTS, Liverpool

While the number of special cards in Premier League goalkeepers has been greatly multiplied, the only new card we really recommend is Alisson's. Tall, agile and quick, Alisson is great if you like to move your keeper. On the other hand, the latter is sometimes a little slow on aerial outings…

Alisson's TOTS card

David De Gea Goals, Manchester United

A card that we had appreciated in Gold version then in POTM, David De Gea got a new boost via a rather effective Moments version. If the latter will sometimes be surprised on crossfire, it remains very impressive on reflex stops. Obtained via objectives, it is a very popular option especially as it allows a link with Varane Flashback, always meta.

Edouard Mendy TOTY MH, Chelsea

Probably the most prominent goalkeeper in real life this season, Edouard Mendy will not have finally obtained a TOTY card on FIFA 22. However, the latter now has a second special card with an excellent Honorable Mention. With good links like Rudiger TOTY MH, Chalobah Future Stars or Koulibay, Mendy stands out as one of the best goalkeepers on FUT

Honorable Mentions: Hugo Lloris TOTS (Spurs), Ederson (Manchester City), Ramsdale Headliners (Arsenal), Nick Pope (Burnley), Jerzy Dudek (FUT Heroes).

The best goalkeepers in La Liga

Thibaut Courtois TOTS, Real Madrid

After a very good POTM card (Player of the Month) and an equivalent MOTM version, Thibaut Courtois ends his season with a well-deserved TOTS. The Belgian player is still one of the best goalkeepers in the game in our opinion, especially with his large size which often makes the difference. In addition, he has excellent cards at his links, with two very good DCs with Militao TOTS and Alaba TOTS, allowing him to easily feature in a Meta formation.

Thibaut Courtois' TOTS card

Ter Stegen Adidas Numbersup, FC Barcelona

While when this card came out we had doubts about Ter Stegen's interest, the DCE Showdown with Süle and Piqué made us test Ter Stegen and what a surprise… The German goalkeeper is INCREDIBLE. At the time of our in-game experience (Elite division), the latter was clearly the best goalkeeper in FIFA 22 with Donnaruma TOTGS. However, it seems that the latest patches have reduced its level by a notch or two...

Jan Oblak MOTM, Atlético Madrid

We're going to be quite frank, we're quite disappointed with Oblak on FIFA 22. If last year, he had been one of the best goalkeepers in the game throughout the year (we had played several hundred matches with his versions RTTF then TOTS), this year his animations look really bad. So it's all or nothing with Oblak...

Honorable mentions : Jeremias Ledesma TOTW (Cadiz), Yassine Bounou TOTW (FC Sevilla).

The best goalkeepers in the Bundesliga on FIFA 22

Manuel Neuer TOTS, Bayern Munich

If you've played with Neuer on FIFA 21, you know he has a pretty weird animation on shots. The Bayern keeper tended to kneel on the ground, including on mid-high shots, sometimes letting the ball pass right past him. If this animation is still present on FIFA 22, the German goalkeeper seems more regular in his performances. However, we consider him the WORST TOTS goalkeeper on FIFA 22 as his reactions and animations are weird. Therefore, Neuer could be the best goalkeeper one game or the worst the next day. If you can, favor another keeper, like Trapp Vedettes, for a more consistent player.

Manuel Neuer's TOTS card

Kevin Trapp Headliners, Frankfurt

Usually a player used for DCE in his Gold version, Kevin Trapp now has a special card that turns out to be a real alternative to Neuer. If you don't like Bayern's sometimes bizarre goalkeeper animations, Trapp is the perfect keeper to tie up your German Bundesliga centre-backs.

Honorable mentions : Yann Sommer TOTW 3 (M'Glad), Koen Casteels TOTW (Wolfsburg), Peter Gulacsi TOTW (RB Leipzig), Lukas Hradecky TOTW (Leverkusen).

The best goalkeepers in Ligue 1

Alban Lafont TOTS, FC Nantes

After earning three TOTWs this year (one of the few goalkeepers to earn multiple TOTW cards in the same FIFA season), Alban Lafont finally earned his well-deserved TOTS. The FC Nantes super goalkeeper is an interesting option in play, far superior to Maignan and Lloris as a Meta option for a 100% French defense.

Lafont's TOTS card.

Gianluigi Donnarumma TOTY, PSG

Update : We leave below our opinion dating from January but for once, our opinion on Donnarumma TOTY has changed a lot since then. It seems that the Italian goalkeeper has undergone nerfs, like Ter Stegen Adidas, making him much less effective. Thus, we consider that he is clearly not the best goalkeeper in FIFA 22 since the beginning of April.

The best goalkeeper in the game? This is generally the opinion of pros and players as the PSG goalkeeper excelled when he was released on FIFA 22. Large and featuring rather effective animations, Donnarumma also allows links to two of the best DCs in the game, which explains his particularly high price in Gold, TOTGS and TOTY versions. However, the latter seems to have been nerfed since its release, now with a much less glowing reputation…

Keylor Navas TOTW, PSG

Donnarumma's teammate at PSG, Navas has already earned a TOTW card this year. The veteran is overall a good keeper, especially on diagonal shots (post to post) where his special animation seems to work well. However, Navas is a little smaller and seems to be more easily in difficulty on aerial actions than his Italian teammate.

Honorable mentions : Walter Benitez TOTW 2 (Nice), Anthony Lopez Rulebreakers (Lyon).

The best Serie A goalkeepers on FUT

Mike Maignan TOTS, Milan AC

Very good in the Gold version at the launch of the game and then very used in his Winter Wildcards card, Mike Maignan gradually lost interest in favor of the TOTW versions of Lafont with regard to 100% French defenses.

Super Mike is an excellent goalkeeper in Serie A.

Wojciech Szczesny TOTW 2, Juventus

One of the more erratic keepers at this card rating level, Szczesny is sometimes a wall and sometimes a sieve. It's impossible to explain it but for some players, the Juventus goalkeeper won't be a good choice.

Honorable mentions : Salvatore Sirigu Fantasy FUT (Genoa), Samir Handanovic FUT Captain (Inter Milan).

The best goalkeepers from other leagues on FUT

Edwin Van Der Sar, Icon

Like every year, Van Der Sar is considered the best goalkeeper on the FIFA 22 icon card. It must be said that his size and his special animations make him a real wall, both in aerial play and in shots. If it is sometimes a little slow, especially on outings, it remains a safe bet. Note that last year the legendary Dutch goalkeeper even had his Prime card more expensive than the Moments version of the other icon doorkeepers, this year his presence in the icon 3 exchanges has greatly contributed to lowering his price.

Edwin Van Der Sar is excellent again this year.

Petr Cech, Icon

A fairly recent card on FIFA, Petr Cech and his helmet are often visible at very high levels. If like all goalkeepers, the latter has his limits and his failed matches, we tend to think that Petr Cech is very regular on FUT. Note the rather foreign animations allowing shots to come out yet close to the goal, with in particular more regular header saves than other goalkeepers.

Peter Schmeichel, icon

If we didn't have the opportunity to use him this year, Peter Schmeichel was totally amazing last year in our team. Very strong on improbable outings on back passes, the Danish player was perhaps less complete than Van Der Sar but he made simply unique saves from time to time.

Honorable mentions : Iken Casillas Icône, Adan TOTS (Liga NOS), Jorge Campos (FUT Heroes Mex).

So much for our list of the best goalkeepers and Meta cards for FIFA 22 FUT mode. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

List of best goalkeepers for FUT on FIFA 22
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