List of Best FUT Icon Cards and Players in FIFA 22

List of Best FUT Icon Cards and Players in FIFA 22

Here we list the best players and FUT Meta Icon cards for FIFA 22 FUT mode. Be careful because the idea is to list the best cards, whatever the price, to evolve at the best level in the game of football. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game. It is important to note that the icon cards are quite special on FIFA, allowing links with all leagues and nations. However, their price is often extremely high, making it a rarely profitable choice for a FUT team.

Note that EA should present Moments versions by the arrival of TOTS.

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Update : Updated January 25.

List of Best FUT Icon Cards and Players in FIFA 22

We present here the icon cards according to the main role, so as not to make a very long list. Thus, we start with the defenders, then the midfielders and finally the attackers. It should be noted that generally, we have selected the best Icon players of FIFA 22 but we also offer honorable mentions as well as our pov on the overrated and underrated cards.

The best defenders in Icon cards

It should be noted here that the different positions are mixed, since the advantage of mixing the positions is more limited than for the midfielders or the attackers.

Paolo Maldini Prime or Mid, DC

The best DC in the game is him, period. Well, let's explain a little more why Maldini is a monster. For once, in the stats, Maldini is the prototype of the central defender: good speed, an excellent combo of responsiveness and calm (95 and 97) and defensive stats at 94+. We add to that an excellent defensive performance, 4 stars of weak foot and a good level of passing. However, as is often the case with the best icon cards, Maldini has something extra that you don't see in the stats. The latter always seems well placed, always present and strong in a duel.

You have been warned! : His Base is in the DG position

Lothar Matthaus Base, DC

So often players talk about Desailly or Ferdinand, we consider Lorthar Matthäus to be the second best DC Icon in FIFA 22. The German defender is excellent in his DC version due to a definite versatility. Very agile and mobile for a central defender, it is possible to improve the set via an Anchor or Motor style.

You have been warned! : It is positioned in midfield above its Base card, but it is playable in DC via an in-game swap.

Roberto Carlos Prime, CEO

Well, let's just say it right away, the icon cards on the wings are not very interesting as the choice is wide in FUT mode. Also, a formation like 4-5-1 makes it easy to link leagues or nations without having to use a DG or DD icon. However, there are a few icons that fill players with nostalgia and Roberto Carlos is one of his cards. In addition to the nostalgia aspect Roberto Carlos is very physical (despite his small size) in the game, with the added bonus of a very good game with the ball, beyond what the stats seem to indicate. To be used everywhere on the field, potentially on a 3-5-2 in MDC or on the wings while he is able to be an excellent DG on a classic formation with 4 players behind. Beware, however, of its two weak-footed stars.

Cafu Prime or Mid, DD

New icon card on FIFA 22, Cafu is the complete side par excellence this year. Excellent defender, good passer, agile and physical, the card lacks almost nothing. Also, GT's 4 stars and good stats make it a map that projects a lot forward. We only regret its defensive performance on average, a bit of a shame for such a card since it could evolve into DC if necessary. Note that all its versions are Meta.

Honorable mentions : Javier Zanetti DD (in MID version, also playable in DC or MDC on a 3-5-2), Desailly DC (Prime or Mid), Ferdinand DC (Prime mainly), Carlos Torres DD, Philipp Lahm (Prime only) DD .

Heart-stopper : Gianluca Zambrotta Prime, the right winger brings a plus that many cards do not have in his position with 4-5 in stars. Thus, his offensive stats make him a complete player, capable of playing in MDC, MC or even on the wings in a hybrid role for a 3-5-2. Ah and with Ancre, he is playable in DC on a 3-5-2, what more could you ask for?

Cartes Overrated : So let's be honest, in our opinion, the majority of the icon cards in defense are overrated, especially the DCs. The prices are sometimes extremely high while the offer in DC and side (in Gold cards as specials) has never been so high on FUT. In addition, the central defenders are much better this year, the gap with the iconic versions is now very small or even non-existent...

The best backgrounds in Icon maps

Here we separate defensive defenders from attacking and box to box midfielders. Note that for once, many cards are viable on FIFA 22, we only list the best.

Defensive midfielders

Here we will note players who evolve in this position and not on the position of their card.

Patrick Vieira (all versions), MC

The black hole as it is often nicknamed by the Anglo-Saxon FIFA community. When the ball approaches Vieira, the latter pulls it towards him. If in the stats the card does not seem so incredible, Vieira has a rather specific physique on the game, allowing him to be a real ball magnet in midfield. If he remains extremely expensive, Vieira is excellent in MDC throughout the FIFA season. Note that its Base card is beginning to be outdated with the arrival of the TOTY, but a Mid or Prime version will be playable until the TOTS.

Michael Essien (Base or Prime), MDC

If the MID version is not very interesting (prefer even the basic version), the arrival of Prime icons has revived the dynamic around this player. If Essien brings fewer links than a Vieira, the card in Prime version has always been extremely strong in MDC. More limited in Box-to-box than a Gullit or Matthäus, Essien is really the classic defensive midfielder, despite a high offensive and defensive performance.

Honorable mentions : Claude Makélélé (Prime), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Prime).

Cartes overrated : The majority of the Base versions are outdated now, as are a good part of the cards at a little average price (between 250 and 500k). Overall, for the same price, you will have an excellent MDC from a big league, Renato, Llorente or Kanté IF style.

Box to box backgrounds

Again, players are judged by their position in the game and not by the position displayed on the map.

Lothar Matthäus (Prime), MC

If some play him in MDC, Matthäus is more of a box-to-box MC than a pure defensive midfielder on FIFA 22. The German player has a high offensive and defensive performance, good offensive stats as well as 4 weak foot stars, which makes it a good attacking card. However be careful, two points to take into account: 3 stars of technical gestures but above all a limited balance, which requires the Engine style if you plan to play it in front.

Gullit (Prime ou Mid), AT

Gullit? Yes, even if we consider him quite overrated, in terms of box-to-box, the Dutch player is excellent on FIFA 22. Physical, powerful, fast and complete (shooting, passing), Gullit knows how to do everything with more, 4 -5 in stars. If some like to play it in MOC or even in BU, we consider that MC is a good solution to take advantage of its multiple talents.

Honorable mentions : Xavi (Premium only), Emmanuel Petit (Premium).

Cartes Overrated : A bit like the rating in defensive circles, we consider a large majority of MC's icon cards to be outdated, even in Prime version. Apart from linking issues, there are much better special cards at 300-500k on FIFA 22…

The attacking midfielders

In attacking midfield, we consider the positions just behind the scorers in play. Thus, a player in point on a diamond 4-1-2-1-2 or a midfielder on a 4-2-2-2 will correspond to this criterion.

Pele (all versions), MOC

Well, no surprises here. Although he is extremely expensive, we could not forget Pelé in this list. Playable in MOC or BU, the Brazilian legend is ultra complete on the game. Be careful however at the level of the pass, a notch below some less complete players but with 90+ in the pass.

Diego Maradona (Premium mainly), MOC

We hesitated for a long time to place Kaka (Prime) here but in the end, Maradona remains a legend, in real life as in the game. The late Napoli player has everything to please on FIFA except for his 3 stars on foot weak, which pushes us to use it almost exclusively in MOC. Also, his finesse shots are among the best in FIFA 22.

Honorable mentions : Kaka (Prime) Roberto Baggio (Mid), Wayne Rooney (plutôt un MOC selon la version).

Overrated cards : So we're going to make enemies here but Zinedine Zidane is clearly not profitable on FIFA 22 before its Moments version. While effective, he's way too expensive for his in-game performance. Much like Zidane, only Clarence Seedorf's Base version is worth it in our opinion, avoid his other cards.

The best attackers in Icon cards

We separate here the different positions, knowing that the position in play is often very different for most icon cards.

The best attackers

We are talking here about the position of the card and not the position of the player in play, hence the proposal of position in the analysis.

Johan Cruyff (all versions), AT

If Cruyff is clearly not cheap, the Dutch player is often underestimated by more casual players. Nevertheless, his physique, his agility and his 5-5 stars make him one of the best cards in the game, in any case one of the most pleasant to play on FIFA. Another strong point, it is playable both in MOC and in BU. Note that all its versions are Meta…. Simply one of the best icon cards in FIFA 22.

Eusebio (Base or Prime), AT

Like Cruyff above, Eusebio is one of the most coveted cards for high-level players. Fast, powerful, agile, efficient in front of goal, the Portuguese player knows how to do everything. His 5 stars from weak foot and his almost perfect stats (with Lynx Eye) make him the prototype of the Scorer on FIFA.

Honorable Mentions : Ferenc Puskas (all versions), Gianfranco Zola (Base), Eric Cantona (Base or Prime), Raul (Prime).

A little overrated : Pay attention to the versions of certain cards! Thus, if Zola in Base is very nice, the higher versions are very generic. Without being so brutal, Eusebio and Cantona Mid are clearly less interesting than the other versions.

The best wingers

We preferred to list the wingers regardless of their position rather than separating left and right as the number of interesting players is limited.

George Best (all versions) MD

Many players have been able to test Best through his DCE (and his loan card), realizing that once again, a special card with long hair is bound to be strong on FIFA. If he doesn't bring as good links as some cards as expensive as him, Best is incredible in BU as in MOC or on the wings.

Mané Garrincha (all versions), AD

If Best is very versatile, Garrincha is the best icon player on the wings. Fast, agile, technical with his 5 stars, the Brazilian knows how to do everything in this position. Note on the other hand a medium/low yield, a little regrettable given its price and its stats.

Pavel Nedved, MG

The Mid version of Nedved is extremely versatile thanks to its 5 stars of weak foot. Indeed, his stats are excellent to evolve in BU as in MOC or on the wings because of a good level of passing, good mobility as well as good shooting accuracy. In addition, his performance (high in attack) is also perfect for these positions.

Honorable mentions : Pavel Nedved (Prime). We will also note David Beckham Prime or even Mid (available in DCE in November) which is an icon card underrated by many. However, Beckham is capable of doing everything in play, including incredible passing precision and a beautiful finesse shot.

A little overrated : Luis Figo (Premium), Thierry Henry (Mid). Here again we are going to make some enemies… If Ronaldinho is clearly incredible in the game (believe us, we did his little dance in Rivals quite a few times after a goal from elsewhere), the price of his cards is exorbitant .

Top scorers

Again, we only list the players according to the position of their card and not in play.

Ronaldo R9 (Prime or Mid), ST

Well, should we say anything about R9? If he is one of the most expensive cards in FIFA 22, Ronaldo will remain profitable as the player is incredible in game. agility to Ronaldo to be the perfect card…

Samuel Eto'o (all versions), BU

For once, Eto'o has everything to be an excellent player on FIFA: good stats, the finesse shooting trait (even if his effect rating is low), optimal performance (high defensive, low defensive), an ideal physique and 4-4 stars. In addition, all its versions are Meta, although we prefer Prime.

Honorable mentions : Kenny Dalglish (Base or Prime), Emilio Butragueno (Prime), Hristo Stoichkov (Prime), Wayne Rooney (Prime plus MOC).

Cards to avoid : We were Arsenal fans, we promise! But there again, Thierry Henry (Prime) is clearly not there… In the same way, there is always this player who dominates with Didier Drogba but for the majority of us, he will be too heavy for good justify its price.

So much for our list of the best FUT Meta Icon players and cards for FIFA 22 FUT mode. As a reminder, a good part of the cards are usable but often their price is too high to justify the purchase. Favor special cards as much as possible rather than Icons unless you have found a pearl. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

List of Best FUT Icon Cards and Players in FIFA 22
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