How to unlock Captain America skin in Fortnite?

How to unlock Captain America skin in Fortnite?

The Marvel cosmetics series is back with a new superhero to highlight! This time it's Captain America who invites himself to the party on Fortnite with his skin. Available temporarily, it shouldn't be back in the store for a long time... Put on your finest striped clothes, and conquer the island to defend the oppressed!

While we thought the collaboration was over, Epic Games is still taking advantage of access to Marvel's licenses to present the Captain in person. At the price of 2 V-Bucks, its rarity is obviously the same as for Black Widow: Marvel. This is a rarity created exclusively for these heroes, and allows you to show your interest in the brand.

Get the Captain America skin in Fortnite

No time indication was given regarding Captain America's cosmetic. So, even if it is already present in the game store, it might not stay more than 24 hours. But since it is a unique cosmetic, the result of a collaboration with Disney, it should be available for at least 48 hours. From Friday July 3 to Sunday July 5, you will be able to get this cosmetic pack!

With any luck, we will soon have the opportunity to see new collaborations between Epic Games and companies. We will still have to wait to find out, but many opportunities can allow the creation of these.

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