How to quickly XP levels in Genshin Impact?

How to quickly XP levels in Genshin Impact?

The game only reveals itself completely once a certain cap has been reached. Indeed, many elements of Genshin Impact require you to take levels before you can continue the adventure. But adventure levels differ from those of your characters. Thus, you will have to pay attention to both so as not to be dropped throughout your journey in Teyvat.

Build a character

The operation is quite simple in itself. Each activity in the world brings an amount of experience to the characters present in your team. However, the operation is increasingly long, level 90 being the maximum. Components are available, found everywhere, to speed up the process. But better not to use them before finishing the main storyline or getting stuck.

How to quickly XP levels in Genshin Impact?

The best way to level up a character is still to do quests until the level gap is too big. This should save you components for a long time. Also take advantage of a character reaching a level to increase another passively.

Adventure levels in Genshin Impact

These levels actually correspond to the progress of your account in the adventure. It is essential toreach adventure level 20 as soon as possible to benefit from all the free daily offers available. If the first levels are therefore accessible, it quickly becomes very long to climb. And again, no secret, follow the storyline allows you to climb quickly without taking the lead.

However, you will sometimes miss a level or two to unlock the sequel to Genshin Impact. You must then turn to the additional activities. For this you have access to the Adventurer's Guide and its many activities. The combat tab is the least interesting, since only gear rewards are worthwhile. Successes are preferred in order to progress as quickly as possible. The contribution in experience is very important, it is probably the largest fixed amount at the beginning of the adventure.

How to quickly XP levels in Genshin Impact?

But it is also possible to fill daily missions. These are unlocked at adventure level 14 and allow you to obtain some rewards and a lot of experience by completing 4 fairly quick quests. If that's not enough, many side quests are hiding in your quest log, but also in the Teyvat region.

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How to quickly XP levels in Genshin Impact?
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