Genshin Impact: Unlocking Summon Seven Cards

Genshin Impact: Unlocking Summon Seven Cards

Announced since Genshin Impact version 3.0, Teyvat's most popular TCG has arrived for patch 3.3. This new game mode allows you to go around the world and challenge all the fans already won over. But to be able to get started in the deep end, you will have to create your first deck and collect many cards for the Summoning of the Seven. If the introduction allows you to obtain some of them, some can only be unlocked over time. duels.

Character cards, where to find them?

The very heart of each deck, the characters of the Invocation of the Seven are three cards that will define the very nature of the game. These can be embodied by major characters from Teyvat, but also the playable characters in the adventure. The first are obtained via the introductory quest, thus making it possible to have 3 of them. They are Diluc, Kaeya and Sucrose, followed shortly after by Fischl, still during the introductory quest.

To be able to get the other characters, you have to go to the Table of Challenges and Invitations. Many duels are present there, requiring progress in the game mode to be able to meet them. By winning a friendly game against one of these heroes, you win their card. But it is also possible to unlock certain monsters through these duels.

Filling the Summoning of the Seven card collection

The other TCG cards cannot be obtained through duels. During each game, via the Invocation of the Seven manual and the series of challenges, it is possible to obtain Lucky Coins. These are a currency exclusive to this game mode and allow you to buy action cards in a dedicated shop. To be able to complete the collection of the Invocation of the Seven, there is therefore no other alternative than to play. To dispose of the surplus coins once all the cards have been purchased, cosmetics are present.

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Genshin Impact: Unlocking Summon Seven Cards
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