Genshin Impact: Patch 2.3, Shadows in the Heart of the Blizzard

Genshin Impact: Patch 2.3, Shadows in the Heart of the Blizzard

Genshin Impact patch 2.3 has already been unveiled in a presentation video and a dedicated live stream. The opportunity to discover the new features planned, get to know the new characters but also deepen the story. Many activities will mark the arrival of winter on Inazuma. A maintenance is planned the time to install the patch on the servers.

Patch 2.3 release date

Genshin Impact's next patch is scheduled for November 24. The servers will be shut down the Tuesday before the update. This maintenance will introduce all the new features of the patch. The minimum compensation of 300 Primogems is always in order.

To learn more

Two temporary banners are returning for Genshin Impact patch 2.3. They are dedicated to characters that have already appeared in the past: Eula and Albedo. However, the latter are present simultaneously, while the two new characters will arrive later. These new heroes are none other than Gorou, a Geo archer, and Aratakki Itto, a swordsman of the same element.

  • Battle Pass –
    • New Update, New Battle Pass, More Rewards
  • Gorou – 4 stars
    • Bow Wield
    • Controls the Geo element
  • Aratakki Itto – 5 stars
    • Wield the Claymore
    • Controls the Geo element

Changes and novelties to expect

The Traveler continues his quest on the Inazuma Archipelago, pushing him to sink even deeper into the seas of this region. At the same time, he seeks to help the possessors of Divine Eye by fighting the Shogun Raiden regime. But other enemies come to block his path, forcing him to fight various enemies at once.

  • Inazuma-
    • New Dungeon of Blessing
      • hibernation yard
        • Clam set in ocean hues
        • Shell of Opulent Dreams Set
  • New Artifacts –
    • Ocean-Tone Clam
      • 2 pieces: Increase healing bonus
      • 4 pieces: When a character equipped with this set of artifacts heals a character in the team, a sea foam appears for 3s, accumulating the amount of HP recovered thanks to the healing (including any surplus above 100%) . At the end of the duration, the sea foam explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies equal to 90% of the accumulated healing. A sea foam can be spawned every 3,5s, and each sea foam can accumulate up to 30 HP, including any surplus above 000%. Only one sea foam can exist at a time. This effect can be triggered even if the character equipped with this set is part of the team but not deployed
    • Shell of Opulent Dreams
      • 2 pieces: Increases defense
      • 4 pieces: A character equipped with this set of artifacts will gain 1 stack of Curiosity in the following ways; on the battlefield, he gains 1 stack when hitting an enemy with a Geo attack, once every 0,3s. While on the team but not deployed, 1 stack every 3s. Curiosity can be stacked up to 4 times, each stack grants a certain percentage of bonus defense and a certain percentage of bonus Geo damage. If 6 seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost
  • New Weapons –
    • Red Horn Stonebreaker – Two-Handed Sword, 5 Stars
      • Obtained from Event Wishes
    • Cinnabar Spindle – One-Handed Sword, 4 stars
      • Obtained for free in the event "Shadows in the Heart of the Blizzard"
  • Shadows in the heart of the blizzard –
    • new event
    • Complete the various trials in Dosdragon Mountains
    • Takes place in different phases
    • Unlocks the weapon cinnabar spindle
  • Escapades –
    • Gorou – Act 1 “Canine General Special Operations”
    • Beidou – Act 1 “When the Crux shines with a thousand lights
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