Genshin Impact: All about Fishing in Patch 2.1

Genshin Impact: All about Fishing in Patch 2.1

MiHoYo's next game update is just around the corner with its many new features. Among them, we find in particular the introduction of Fishing in the 2.1 Genshin Impact patch. Thanks to this new feature, travelers can discover resting points where they can practice a relaxing activity. Or simply amass as many resources as possible to get rich as much as possible.

Operation and mechanics of Fishing

Before being able to start fishing, the Traveler must gain access to the Serenitheater and complete an introductory quest. The latter introduces the functionality, but also its particularities. You have to juggle between different baits and various fishing rods to be able to catch fish in Genshin Impact. If the bait determines what type of fish you catch, the choice of fishing rod allows you to modulate the chance of obtaining a fish according to the area.

However, it is not possible to indulge in the pleasures of fishing in just any place. It is obligatory to locate the schools of fish, identifiable by the eddies made in the water. Each of these fishing spots is predetermined and resets every 72 hours. The daily cycle, however, influences the fish present in the area, allowing you to refine your hunt. Be careful, however, not to let your prey break your line when retrieving it.

Genshin Impact: All about Fishing in Patch 2.1

All caught fish can be exchanged at the fishing association in Mondstadt, Liyue or Inazuma. It is thus possible to exchange your trophies for fish meat, or various rewards. You can then request a new fishing rod, decoration plans for your Serenitheater or transmutation formulas.

Why should we be interested in this activity from patch 2.1?

Apart from the planned fishing event to exploit this new feature, fishing is an effective way to generate fish in Genshin Impact. This will greatly facilitate the farming of this resource, but also make certain recipes more profitable. In addition, it is also an opportunity to make the different bodies of water more interesting. Most being shunned because mobility is restricted there, the lakes and rivers should regain a certain charm.

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