Fortnite Season 15 Week 15 Challenges

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Season 15 Fortnite week 15 challenges are available from Thursday, March 11. Find out what the challenges of week 15 have in store for you by discovering all the new features hidden throughout the island of survivors, including hunters. Will you be able to impose yourself and complete all your objectives before the end?

challenges">Fortnite Season 15 Week 15 Challenges

For this season 15, the challenges are separated by zone. Some of them are therefore duplicates, but will validate regardless of your location.


Like every week, the challenges are first datamined in the game files, following an update or maintenance.

  • Walk a certain distance in the sand through the tunnels (500)
  • Stay within 20 yards or less of an enemy for a few seconds while using a tunnel in the sand (5)
  • Spend bullion (500)
  • Buy an item from a character (1)
  • Upgrade a weapon (1)
  • Obtain information from a character (1)
  • Recruit a character
  • Challenge a character (5, 10, 15, 20, 25)
  • Find all experience coins (9)

These challenges will allow you to advance in your season level, and in your Battle Pass. This allows you to climb more easily to level 100 to unlock all the rewards.

<a name=challenges">Fortnite Season 15 Week 15 Challenges" src="/images/posts/9cf509e0d76111380c43e316171ae615-1.jpg">
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